Tori Amos: ‘I Chose to Look at Christianity As Another Myth’

Singer/songwriter Tori Amos has never shied from talking about religion. She grew up the daughter of a Methodist pastor, and many of her songs reference Biblical imagery or deal head-on with Tori's relationship to religion. Take her first big single, "Crucify," for example.Tori is now out promoting Gold Dust, an album she did of her songs in tandem with the Metropole Orchestra. Unsurprisingly, faith has been a big topic in her interviews. Here are a few quotes from her interview with the … [Read more...]

Mumford & Sons Releases Religiously-Tinged New Single ‘Babel’

Brit band Mumford & Sons just played Saturday Night Live last week in support of their new album,┬áBabel. The first single is also titled "Babel," and the song is much more about the Bible than about the Brad Pitt movie. Sample lyric: "Know my weakness, know my voice/and now believe in grace and choice."Religion isn't unfamiliar territory for the band. Lead singer Marcus Mumford's father is a vicar and performed the ceremony when Marcus married Carey Mulligan this spring. Check out the … [Read more...]

Guns ‘N Roses Guitarist Plays Israeli National Anthem

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, aka Ronald Blumenthal, is the lead guitarist for the current incarnation of Guns 'N Roses, performed the Israeli national anthem at a recent show in Tel Aviv. He played unaccompanied, but audience members sang "HaTikva," which is Hebrew for "The Hope." After the song, the rest of the band came out and performed their song "Don't You Cry." Some people think the performance was a response to groups who want to divest from Israel, while some think it was just a rockin' good … [Read more...]

Korean Christians Protest Lady Gaga Show

How do you say "adults only" in Korean?Lady Gaga was scheduled to perform an all-ages concert in Seoul this week, but a group of Christians began protesting the concert venue, dubbing Gaga's music and act "obscene" and "pornographic." Rather than cancel the show, an agreement was reached: the show would be limited to adults only. A representative from the Christian Council of Korea, Reverend Yoon Jung-hoon, will be attending the show to monitor it for "pornographic" material. I'm sure he … [Read more...]

Tanlines Drummer Jesse Cohen Moonlights as a Jewish History Expert

Lots of famous musicians get their starts doing something else - bartending, working in a record store, teaching kids to play guitar, whatever. But Jesse Cohen, percussionist for the band Tanlines, has a more unusual day job. He works at Yivo, the Institute for Jewish Research, which was originally founded in Vilna, Lithuania, and is now housed in New York City.Cohen told Spin that the job made perfect sense for him. "In college I studied Eastern European History and Jewish history. hen … [Read more...]

FGP Celebrity Quote of the Week: Amy Ray Is Used to Jesus

Amy Ray is one half of folk-music legends The Indigo Girls. Although she occasionally sings Hanukkah songs, she says that growing up in the South made her pretty familiar with Christianity. "I grew up in the South and once you get raised on Jesus, it is kind of always a part of you even if you are a pagan, really," she told radio station WNYC. That cultural background inspired her new song, "The Rock Is My Foundation." Fun fact: Amy graduated from Emory University with degrees in English and … [Read more...]

When Queen (the Band, Not the Person) Met Passover

Passover is coming up, which means two things: one, no carbs, and two, cheesy Passover-themed videos. This clip of a Passover-themed "Bohemian Rhapsody" is, as you may have guessed, one of the latter. … [Read more...]