Buddha Makes an Appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’

What if the Buddha had actually been a secret jerk? That was the premise in a sketch last night on SNL, where Andy Samberg played a version of the Enlightened One who made fun of his followers and ogled their boobs and said things like "I think my little Buddha just reached full consciousness." Oh, and evening host Lindsay Lohan was in there somewhere too. … [Read more...]

‘Happy Endings’ Star Adam Pally Rocks a Hebrew Tattoo

On last week's episode of Happy Endings, Max (played by Adam Pally) had a shirtless scene. Since the show features a healthy amount of sex, that wasn't unusual. But what was unusual was the discovery that Max and his portrayer have a chest tattoo. A Hebrew tattoo that reads "Asher."In an interview with Craig Ferguson, Pally talked about the tattoo and said that Asher is his Hebrew name. Since tattoos are outlawed in Judaism, the ink is extra funny. However, the episode didn't cover the … [Read more...]

Um, You Guys, Stefon Might Be Jewish

Stefon, if you're not as much of a "Weekend Update" nerd as I am, is a recurring Saturday Night Live character played by Bill Hader. Stefon was inspired by that sort of "too cool for everything" New York City club kid type, but is much, much funnier than the Party Monster movie. Anyhow, Splitsider is pretty sure that Stefon's last name is Zolesky, which makes me hope against hope that he might be Jewish. There are a lot of Jewish references in his club reviews, now that I think about it. Now … [Read more...]

Conan O’Brien Presents the Human Centipede Menorah

What happens when the grossest movie in recent memory is crossed with a Jewish holiday that celebrates miracles? This. And true to the spirit of the holiday, I will have nightmares for at least eight nights. … [Read more...]