Tony Winner Billy Porter Thanks His Mom for Being ‘the Personification of True Christianity’

When Billy Porter won a Tony for his role in the new musical Kinky Boots last night, there was barely a dry eye in Radio City Music Hall. The actor teared up during his acceptance speech, especially when he thanked his mother.".... my mother, Clarenda Jean Ford, at home in Pittsburgh, you are the personification of true Christianity. Your willingness to embrace that which you don't understand with unconditional love is a template which the world could benefit from in employing," he said. … [Read more...]

This Is a Picture of Joe Biden Doing the Hora

Vice President Joe Biden's daughter Ashley Biden got married last weekend. She married a surgeon named Howard Krein, and they had a Catholic-Jewish ceremony that reflected both of their religious backgrounds. And that segues into the fact that we have a picture of Joe Biden doing the hora with his daughter. And it is magnificent. … [Read more...]

FGP Image of the Week: Debbie Harry Looks Like Jesus

Or perhaps vice versa. … [Read more...]

Well, This Was Inevitable: A Jewish Parody of Tim Tebow

As I've said before elsewhere, Jewish people love to make lame knockoffs of every big pop culture story. Right now, there's virtually no bigger pop culture figure than Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow, so of course the Jewish parody-making contingent has come up with their kosher-certified equivalent. Meet "Heebow." … [Read more...]

Here’s the Inevitable Jewish Version of ‘Shit Girls Say’

The last two weeks have been a perfect illustration of the life of an internet meme:1. Somebody makes a thing (in this case, a video called "Shit Girls Say")2. Thing goes viral3. Thing goes really viral, like to the point where your technologically-challenged grandmother has heard about it from CBS evening news or a telegram or something4. People begin making their own versions of thing (ex. "Shit Black Girls Say")5. People respond to the responses (such as "Shit White Girls … [Read more...]

The Church of Kopimism Worships the Holy Spirit of File-Sharing

It's not just about the big five anymore - groups around the world have successfully lobbied for Jediism, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and other pop culture-y religions to get official recognition. The newest addition to this group is Kopimism, more informally known as the religion of file-sharing.Swedish philosophy student Isak Gerson founded the Missionary Church of Kopimism last year as a response to comments that people who shared files online were thieves or pirates. In … [Read more...]

You Can’t Say ‘Jesus Christ’ In Pakistani Text Messages

What do monkey crotches and Jesus Christ have in common? They're both among the almost 2,000 words and phrases that have been banned from mobile phones in Pakistan.The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has ordered mobile phone companies in the country to forbid the sending or receiving of text messages that contain Urdu and English words such as "intercourse," "period," "condom," and "flatulence." Oh, and "hostage." So if you live in Islamabad and want to text your doctor about … [Read more...]