The Bates Family Is Starting Their Own Church

The Bates family, who started off as sidekicks to the Duggars on 19 Kids and Counting and then got a spinoff called United Bates of America, are copying the Duggars in another way: opening their own church. The Duggars have church services held at their home, which probably helps them get some kind of tax exemption. Bates family patriarch Gil Bates, however, will be a) preaching to people other than his own family members and b) holding services somewhere besides his own house. Wife Kelly Bates … [Read more...]

Priscilla Keller and David Waller Are Expecting a Baby

Priscilla Keller and David Waller, the Duggar family in-laws whose wedding was shown on a recent episode of 19 Kids and Counting, are expecting their first child. Because these people are related to the Duggars, their otherwise normal baby announcement had to include a pro-life message about how women should have as many pregnancies as possible no matter the risks: … [Read more...]

Meet the Kellers: The Duggars’ In-Laws

On this week's new episode of 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggars headed to Florida to attend the wedding of Priscilla Keller. Priscilla is Anna Duggar (wife of oldest kid Josh Duggar)'s sister, and several family members were included in the wedding party. The Kellers have eight kids, five girls and three boys, and all of them were shown at least once on camera during the episode.While most of the attention was on the bride and groom and the Duggars, let's just say that the Kellers would … [Read more...]

Michelle Duggar’s Tips for a Happy Marriage

This week the new season of 19 Kids and Counting premiered on TLC. Because so much of the Duggars' life has already played out in the news, it's weird watching the show and already knowing what's going to happen (namely, Michelle is still pregnant with Jubilee, but we all know that the miscarriage is coming up).In the premiere, Michelle was at a conference, giving a speech about how to have a happy Christian marriage. An eagle-eyed forum poster on TWoP was able to transcribe some of the … [Read more...]

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Spent Valentine’s Day in NYC

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently took some time out of their busy Santorum-stumping schedule to spend Valentine's Day without their kids in New York.As a cynical regular watcher of their show, I might add that there's nothing that unusual about the couple not spending time with their kids, as the four oldest daughters are basically raising their siblings anyway.As a cynical regular watcher of their show, I might also say that this whole thing was just a publicity stunt designed to … [Read more...]

Michelle Duggar Names the Child She Miscarried

After announcing that she was pregnant with her 20th child, Michelle Duggar has had a miscarriage. She and husband Jim Bob Duggar announced the sad news last week, and the internet has been abuzz with opinions about whether the 19 Kids and Counting family had gone too far.Today, Michelle announced that she plans to have a funeral for the unborn child, whom she named Jubilee Shalom. As we've discussed here, all of the Duggar children have names that start with J, so this could have been a … [Read more...]

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Are Expecting Kid #20

It looks like the name of the Duggar family's TLC reality show will have to change yet again - this time to 20 Kids and Counting. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar announced on the Today Show this morning that they are expecting their twentieth child in 2012. The family's oldest son, Josh Duggar, is married and has two kids of his own, but the other children still live at home with their parents.While the Duggars seemed elated at the news, not everyone thinks it's a great idea that the couple … [Read more...]