Aaron Paul’s Dad Is a Baptist Minister

Actor Aaron Paul won an Emmy for his work on Breaking Bad, but I’ll always love him best as Sarah’s husband Scott on Big Love. However, I didn’t know that his dad was a Baptist minister. Here’s a quote from a recent interview with Paul in New York magazine: Paul grew up in Idaho, and [Read More...]

Aasif Mandvi Has “Been Inside More Bars Than Mosques”

When I first heard the title of the movie Today’s Special, I thought about that kids’ show from the 90s where the mannequins in a store came to life and hung out at night. Sadly, the movie is actually about Indian food. One that starred comedian and Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi (he’s the one [Read More...]

Catholic Star Vanessa Williams Is Frank About Her Abortion

Actress, singer, and former Miss America Vanessa Williams has a new memoir out, and damn. Williams is sharing tons of personal information from over the last few decades – the kind of stuff that the Kardashians could have turned into a dozen magazine covers and sobby Barbara Walters interviews by now. One of the revelations [Read More...]