Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham Isn’t Too Christian to Make Porn

Since the original series of Teen Mom ended last year, one of the show’s stars, Farrah Abraham, has desperately tried to stay relevant. She released a book, an album, and a line of pasta sauce, then got a DUI. A few days ago, rumors began to swirl that Farrah had made a sex tape. The [Read More...]

Someone On the Internet Wants You to Think That Joel Osteen Is Giving Up on Christianity

Over the last week, a very well-organized and well-executed hoax started happening online. Someone created a fake website and Twitter account for Rev. Joel Osteen, one of the best-known pastors in the country. The website and Twitter (both using the close-but-not-quite-there name “Joel Osten” in the urls) claimed to be authored by Osteen and said [Read More...]

The Very Not-Religious Cat Power Is Wearing a Cross Necklace in Her New Video

Cat Power, aka Chan Marshall, sports a cross necklace in her new video for “Manhattan.” Normally, that might not be interesting. But Marshall has spoken out against religion many times in the past and even called it a “pyramid scheme” on Twitter recently, so what’s with the neckwear all of a sudden? If you want [Read More...]