Mark Wahlberg Takes Time Out of His Busy Pants-Dropping Schedule to Go to Church

Remember when Mark Wahlberg was a rapper? And in that movie Fear? And had a reputation for being kind of a bruiser? Well, no more. The actor, who is starring in the new movie Ted, says that now that he’s married to Rhea Durham and a father of four, he’s not that cool anymore. “You’d [Read More...]

Octomom Has a Boyfriend Whom She Met in Church

Nadya Suleman, the woman best known to the world as Octomom, is having a busy year. She made her first ever porn movie (solo, if you were dying to know) and now she’s dating someone, despite saying she planned to stay celibate until her octuplets were grown up. The man in question is someone called [Read More...]

Naomi Campbell Spent Her Birthday in a Bethlehem Church

… and not just any church. The Church of the Nativity, one of the holiest sites in Israel. Naomi Campbell is best known for being a supermodel and for treating her employees like shit, but since the whole throwing-a-BlackBerry incident she has been trying to clean up her image. That includes spending today, her 42nd [Read More...]