FGP Celebrity Quote of the Week: Justin Theroux on Being a Cult Leader

In his new movie Wanderlust (the one where he met that obscure actress he's dating), Justin Theroux plays a cult leader. Because the movie is a comedy, his cult leader is a little more Love Guru and a little less Martha Marcy May Marlene. He told New York magazine: I was thinking of him as a David Koresh-type figure, a comic cult leader who is so sincere in his insincerity. It's hard to play that douchey of a guy without cracking yourself up. … [Read more...]

Obama and Hugh Hefner Both Screen Movie About Cult Escapee

What do President Barack Obama and Hugh Hefner have in common? Apparently, they both really wanted to see the new movie Martha Marcy May Marlene, where Elizabeth Olsen plays a young woman who has escaped from an abusive cult. Hefner hosted a screening of the movie at the Playboy Mansion, while Obama requested a print of the film to watch at the White House. The movie has been generating positive buzz and is catapulting Olsen (the sister of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen) into stardom.  … [Read more...]

Rose McGowan Talks About Escaping The Children of God Cult

Actress Rose McGowan was raised in the controversial Children of God cult, but she hasn't publicly discussed the experience until recently. In People magazine, Rose talks about her early years in the cult - which was known for "Flirty Fishing," encouraging women to hook up with men in order to witness to them - in Italy. Ultimately, McGowan's father, who illustrated tracts for the group, became worried that Rose and her sister would fall prey to sexual abuse, since the cult was preaching that … [Read more...]