Leah Remini Reads Ex-Scientologist Memoir

Ever since actress Leah Remini publicly acknowledged that she had left the Church of Scientology, her moves have become more and more interesting. There have been rumors that she's working on a memoir about her experiences in Scientology and the actions that made her want to leave - the catalyst was apparently when Leah was at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding and asked after Church head David Miscavige's wife, who was a friend of Leah's and has been all but 'disappeared' by … [Read more...]

Super Hot Catholic Convert William Levy Joins ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Cast

Prepare for some eye candy: Cuban-American telenovela star William Levy, best known to US audiences for appearing in a Jennifer Lopez video, has joined the latest cast of Dancing with the Stars. Though the actor is of some Jewish heritage (hence the last name Levy), he formally converted to Catholicism in 2009. Did I mention he is hot? Because yeah. Let's hope he can dance, too, because he has to compete against the much better known Gladys Knight, Melissa Gilbert, and Jaleel "Urkel" White. I … [Read more...]