Rumor Mill: Rihanna Is Studying Kabbalah Because of Ashton Kutcher

Today the Daily Mail (which likes to refer to as "the daily fail," with pretty good reason) reported that Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher are secretly hooking up. But it gets weirder: they also claim that Rihanna is going to start studying Kabbalah in order to connect with her new man.Ashton got into Kabbalah through his ex-wife Demi Moore, and it looks like even though their marriage didn't work out he's still into the study of Jewish mysticism. I suppose that's a more interesting … [Read more...]

Demi Moore Turns to Deepak Chopra

Demi Moore is currently in rehab for - well, something. The actress, who attends Kabbalah services but has said she is open to any spiritual practice, has reportedly reached out to Deepak Chopra for guidance. According to People magazine, Demi once said that Deepak's book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success was "her Bible," and the two have been friendly in the past. She is also on the board of his healing center in California.  … [Read more...]