Egyptian Pundit Kicked Off TV Show After Accusing Host of Being a Jew

For some people, "Jew" is an adjective that defines someone's ethnic or religious identity. For some other people, "Jew" is a slur.Gamal Saber, who was the campaign manager for a now-disqualified candidate for the Egyptian presidency, recently got booted from the set of a popular chat show. The show's host is a woman named Azza Mustafa. As she was interviewing Saber (who, I guess I should point out for the purposes of this post, is a hardline Muslim), he replied to her, "You are a prominent … [Read more...]

Meet the Muslim Jon Stewart

Bassem Youssef is a star in his native Egypt, where he made web videos making fun of now-deposed President Hosni Mubarak's government and eventually landed a job hosting a satirical TV show called "El Bernameg" ("The Program").But "The Jon Stewart of Egypt" isn't having an easy time now that Mubarak is out of power. "I’m frustrated," Youssef said in an interview after a popular Egyptian blogger/activist/critic was held by the police. "The regime hasn’t changed. Everything is the same. People … [Read more...]