Frances Bean Cobain Called Twilight ‘A Sexist Mormon Piece of Shit’

For some reason, a producer for the film Twilight thought it would be a great idea to get Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, to play the female lead in the movie. Frances isn't an actress and has mostly stayed out of the spotlight as an adult (which - good on her). Courtney told Howard Stern that when Frances got the offer to play Bella, she turned it down, saying that Twilight was "a sexist Mormon piece of shit." The author of the series, Stephenie Meyer, is LDS, … [Read more...]

Sarah Silverman’s Sister Arrested at Religious Feminist Protest in Israel

If you haven't heard of the Women of the Wall, you should definitely look them up. The activist group regularly protests and speaks out against the laws for Israel's holiest Jewish site, the Western Wall/Kotel. The Kotel is divided into a men's and women's section, but the women's section is smaller and does not allow singing, praying out loud, or women wearing garments like tallits which are traditionally associated with men. The Jerusalem Post reports that ten women were arrested at the Kotel … [Read more...]