Grey’s Anatomy Is Doing a ‘Revirginization’ Storyline

Two things. One, Grey's Anatomy is somehow still on the air. Two, it is doing a storyline about a born-again virgin.The character April, played by Sarah Drew (note: I loathe the character of April, but Sarah Drew will forever be awesome because of her work on Daria, Everwood, and Mad Men, and, hey, girl's gotta work), began her stint on the show as a virgin and devout Christian, which set her in contrast to all the on-call-room-sex-having doctors in the place. However, in a moment of … [Read more...]

(Faith Goes) Pop Quiz: What TV Star Is Married to a Religion Professor?

Pop quiz: what TV actress is married to a religion professor? Hint: the actress (and in one case, her voice!) has been on several successful programs. … [Read more...]