Vanna White’s Son Is a Hare Krishna Now

Vanna White, known for her years of turning letters around on Wheel of Fortune, is reportedly "devastated" that her 19-year-old son Nicholas Santo Pietro has become a member of the Hare Krishnas.The National Enquirer reports that Vanna's son, who goes by the nickname Nikko (that's a younger version of him with Mom when she got her Walk of Fame star), got involved in the religion while a student at the University of Arizona. According to the magazine, Nikko has become devoted to a … [Read more...]

Mad Men Introduces Hare Krishnas, Entire World Makes ‘Harry Krishna’ Joke

Last night, Mad Men took a break from exploring Judaism to introduce another religion. In a nice surprise, we finally got to see Paul Kinsey, who left the show after season three when he wasn't brought along to the newly formed Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Turns out Paul has been busy: he joined the Hare Krishnas. He has shaved his head, wears traditional dress, and chants. And now he wants to hang out with his old friend Harry Crane,I never loved Paul, but it was nice to see that people … [Read more...]