Shappi Khorsandi Is Female, Iranian, and Hilarious

Once upon a time when I was super jet lagged in a hotel in Amsterdam, I found one English-language channel on TV and stumbled on a standup routine by Shappi Khorsandi, an Iranian-British comedian who is fucking hilarious. (Sample joke: her son’s dog is named Benjamin Petanyahu.) Though she’s pretty damn funny in English, she [Read More...]

Aasif Mandvi Has “Been Inside More Bars Than Mosques”

When I first heard the title of the movie Today’s Special, I thought about that kids’ show from the 90s where the mannequins in a store came to life and hung out at night. Sadly, the movie is actually about Indian food. One that starred comedian and Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi (he’s the one [Read More...]

Egyptian Pundit Kicked Off TV Show After Accusing Host of Being a Jew

For some people, “Jew” is an adjective that defines someone’s ethnic or religious identity. For some other people, “Jew” is a slur. Gamal Saber, who was the campaign manager for a now-disqualified candidate for the Egyptian presidency, recently got booted from the set of a popular chat show. The show’s host is a woman named [Read More...]