Paula Abdul Is Going to Have a Bat Mitzvah in Israel

Did you know that Paula Abdul is Jewish? Paula is the former judge of American Idol and star of one of the greatest crash-and-burn reality shows ever (that would be Hey Paula), and now she's in Israel touring the country as an official guest of the country's board of tourism.Paula is visiting religious sites, going to museums, and even hanging out with the country's president, Shimon Peres. (Fun fact: Peres is the first cousin of Lauren Bacall. I guess that makes it hard for him to get … [Read more...]

Sarah Silverman’s Sister Arrested at Religious Feminist Protest in Israel

If you haven't heard of the Women of the Wall, you should definitely look them up. The activist group regularly protests and speaks out against the laws for Israel's holiest Jewish site, the Western Wall/Kotel. The Kotel is divided into a men's and women's section, but the women's section is smaller and does not allow singing, praying out loud, or women wearing garments like tallits which are traditionally associated with men. The Jerusalem Post reports that ten women were arrested at the Kotel … [Read more...]

FGP Celebrity Quote of the Week: Mandy ‘Inigo Montoya’ Patinkin Talks Faith, Prayer, and Israel

If these musings from Mandy Patinkin, aka Saul from Homeland and Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, aren't FGP Celebrity Quote of the Week material, I honestly don't know what is. From Esquire's "What I Learned" feature:"My sense of religion is Einstein's sense of relativity. I don't believe in God. I believe that energy never dies. So the possibility exists that you might be breathing in some other form of Moses or Buddha or Muhammad or Bobby Kennedy or Roosevelt or Martin Luther King … [Read more...]

Guns ‘N Roses Guitarist Plays Israeli National Anthem

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, aka Ronald Blumenthal, is the lead guitarist for the current incarnation of Guns 'N Roses, performed the Israeli national anthem at a recent show in Tel Aviv. He played unaccompanied, but audience members sang "HaTikva," which is Hebrew for "The Hope." After the song, the rest of the band came out and performed their song "Don't You Cry." Some people think the performance was a response to groups who want to divest from Israel, while some think it was just a rockin' good … [Read more...]

Naomi Campbell Spent Her Birthday in a Bethlehem Church

... and not just any church. The Church of the Nativity, one of the holiest sites in Israel.Naomi Campbell is best known for being a supermodel and for treating her employees like shit, but since the whole throwing-a-BlackBerry incident she has been trying to clean up her image. That includes spending today, her 42nd birthday, in the Holy Land. "As much traveling as I've done, I've never come here. I'm happy to be here," Campbell said in an interview. "Weapons and war, greed and oil ... I … [Read more...]

Backstreet Boy Howie D Is Organizing a Fan Trip to Israel

Do you love the Backstreet Boys? How about travel? Well, you can finally combine these two things into one happy package. Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough is organizing a trip to Israel for 100 of his fans. From September 2-11, Howie and his posse will go sightseeing in Israel, focusing on Christian sites. Among the destinations:Nightclubs in Tel Aviv Religious sites in Jerusalem Archeological sites in Caesarea A cruise around the Galilee … [Read more...]

Israeli Newspaper Depicts Netanyahu and Obama as Characters in ‘The Artist’

The Artist just won the Oscar for Best Picture, but the real prize is this cartoon from Israeli daily Ha'aretz, which depicts Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama as characters from the film. … [Read more...]