Israelis Want War to Wait Til After a Madonna Concert

While artists like Cat Power are calling off their Israel concerts, Madonna is going full steam ahead with hers. The Material Girl, who visited Israel during the height of her Kabbalah phase, is scheduled to play in Tel Aviv on May 29. However, there's a pesky little thing called "potential war with Iran" going in Israel right now, so hardcore Israeli Madonna fans have taken to Facebook to beg Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu to hold off on attacks until after the concert. (The page, … [Read more...]

Cat Power Calls Off Israel Concert

Hey, have you heard that Israel can be pretty controversial? Although singer Cat Power had a concert scheduled in Tel Aviv next Monday, she has announced via her Facebook that the show will not go on. She wrote, "DUE TO MUCH CONFUSION IN MY SOUL,PLAYİNG FOR MY İSRAELİ FANS W/SUCH UNREST BETWEEN İSRAEL&PALESTİNE I CAN’T PLAY,AS I FEEL SICK IN MY SPIRIT XX."  Of course, plenty of Israeli fans are pissed that they already paid for tickets, but other fans are praising Cat Power for taking a sta … [Read more...]

What Happened When The Duggars Went to Israel?

TLC's Duggar family, the stars of 19 Kids and Counting, recently took a trip to Israel. The trip will probably be shown during the next season of the reality show, but which parts will make it to air? Probably not the one where the family's youngest child, micropreemie daughter Josie, had to be taken to an Israeli hospital and escorted home by the doctor who attended to her.Terem Hospital in Jerusalem posted on their official blog that Josie had been admitted there as a patient. (The picture … [Read more...]