You Can’t Say ‘Jesus Christ’ In Pakistani Text Messages

What do monkey crotches and Jesus Christ have in common? They're both among the almost 2,000 words and phrases that have been banned from mobile phones in Pakistan.The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has ordered mobile phone companies in the country to forbid the sending or receiving of text messages that contain Urdu and English words such as "intercourse," "period," "condom," and "flatulence." Oh, and "hostage." So if you live in Islamabad and want to text your doctor about … [Read more...]

What’s the Big Deal About Connor Cruise Wearing a Jesus Necklace?

Connor Cruise--son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman--wore a Jesus necklace to a recent event. While it's not at all unusual for starts to sport religious jewelry (hi, Justin Bieber), Connor's necklace is a much bigger deal. Why? Because Connor, like his dad, is a Scientologist. Although Scientology often stresses that you can belong to any religion you want and still practice Scientology, wearing obvious Christian jewelry is a pretty big "don't," especially when your dad is the most well-known … [Read more...]