Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow Are Talking About Jesus

Katy Perry‘s parents are going to be so pissed: despite their efforts to matchmake for their daughter and the Christ-loving football player, Tim Tebow was recently spotted having dinner with Taylor Swift. Although people assumed that meant they were dating, Us Weekly insists that Taylor is crushing on Tim but that right now they’re just [Read More...]

FGP Image of the Week: Debbie Harry Looks Like Jesus

Or perhaps vice versa. [Read more...]

Listen Up: Craig Finn’s ‘New Friend Jesus’

Craig Finn, frontman of The Hold Steady, has a new solo album called Clear Heart Full Eyes. While I’m basically on board with anything containing a Friday Night Lights shoutout, the album is also beautiful in its own right. My current favorite track is “New Friend Jesus,” which contains the standout lyrics “It’s hard to [Read More...]