Are the Duggars Taking Credit for Rick Santorum’s Recent Successes?

The Duggar family has been stumping for Rick "Don't Google my last name" Santorum on his campaign trail, and they clearly think that his recent surge (giggle) is partly to their credit. "We want a man that honors God to lead our nation," Michelle Duggar said. "We have been praying to the Lord that if you want the heart of the voters to turn to Rick Santorum then please do so. We prayed that more people would take a look at him, and more people are getting behind him."Ummm, that sounds a … [Read more...]

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Spent Valentine’s Day in NYC

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently took some time out of their busy Santorum-stumping schedule to spend Valentine's Day without their kids in New York.As a cynical regular watcher of their show, I might add that there's nothing that unusual about the couple not spending time with their kids, as the four oldest daughters are basically raising their siblings anyway.As a cynical regular watcher of their show, I might also say that this whole thing was just a publicity stunt designed to … [Read more...]

Michelle Duggar Names the Child She Miscarried

After announcing that she was pregnant with her 20th child, Michelle Duggar has had a miscarriage. She and husband Jim Bob Duggar announced the sad news last week, and the internet has been abuzz with opinions about whether the 19 Kids and Counting family had gone too far.Today, Michelle announced that she plans to have a funeral for the unborn child, whom she named Jubilee Shalom. As we've discussed here, all of the Duggar children have names that start with J, so this could have been a … [Read more...]

Here Are Some Names for the 20th Duggar Baby

After the Duggar family announced that they were expecting their 20th child next spring, my first thought was "What will they name it?" (And before the angry don't-call-a-fetus-it hate mail starts, I remind you that the English language does not have a lovely French-style on to refer to persons of unknown gender, and I find constant use of "he or she" clunky.)Each of the Duggars' 19 kids has a name beginning with the letter J, including twins named Jeremiah and Jedidiah (who, because of … [Read more...]

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Are Expecting Kid #20

It looks like the name of the Duggar family's TLC reality show will have to change yet again - this time to 20 Kids and Counting. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar announced on the Today Show this morning that they are expecting their twentieth child in 2012. The family's oldest son, Josh Duggar, is married and has two kids of his own, but the other children still live at home with their parents.While the Duggars seemed elated at the news, not everyone thinks it's a great idea that the couple … [Read more...]