The Duggar Family Made a Video in Support of Rick Santorum

The Duggar family has made no secret of their appreciation of presidential candidate Rick Santorum. They have campaigned for him and appeared at press events in his honor and eldest son Josh Duggar constantly tweets about Santorum and what a great dude he is. (Yes, I follow Josh Duggar on Twitter, because I am a [Read More...]

Are the Duggars Taking Credit for Rick Santorum’s Recent Successes?

The Duggar family has been stumping for Rick “Don’t Google my last name” Santorum on his campaign trail, and they clearly think that his recent surge (giggle) is partly to their credit. “We want a man that honors God to lead our nation,” Michelle Duggar said. “We have been praying to the Lord that if [Read More...]

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Spent Valentine’s Day in NYC

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently took some time out of their busy Santorum-stumping schedule to spend Valentine’s Day without their kids in New York. As a cynical regular watcher of their show, I might add that there’s nothing that unusual about the couple not spending time with their kids, as the four oldest daughters [Read More...]