Why There Isn’t Going to Be a Darger Family Reality Show on TLC

After the well-known polygamist family the Dargers appeared on Sister Wives last season, it seemed like TLC was introducing them to the audience as prep for a show of their own. However, according to family patriarch Joe Darger says that it isn't happening. According to Joe, TLC rejected their show My Three Wives, saying that it was too similar to Sister Wives. That's pretty weird, considering the network had already filmed and aired commercials for the show before making the decision. He's also … [Read more...]

Meet the Polygamous Darger Family, Who Recently Appeared on ‘Sister Wives’

Just like the Duggars begat the Bateses, the Brown family of TLC's Sister Wives has begat the Dargers. It seems like once every TLC reality show starts to get a little stale or repetitive the producers bring in another family for their stars to hang out with. Recently, the Dargers were featured on Sister Wives as a fellow polygamous family. On the show, we met husband Joe and wives Alina, Vicki, and Valerie. (The latter two are twin sisters, which ... ick.)I don't know if the Dargers, who … [Read more...]