Someone On the Internet Wants You to Think That Joel Osteen Is Giving Up on Christianity

Over the last week, a very well-organized and well-executed hoax started happening online. Someone created a fake website and Twitter account for Rev. Joel Osteen, one of the best-known pastors in the country. The website and Twitter (both using the close-but-not-quite-there name "Joel Osten" in the urls) claimed to be authored by Osteen and said that he was giving up on Christianity and didn't believe in it anymore. While that would make for a pretty insane story if it did happen, Osteen makes … [Read more...]

Pastor and Author Joel Osteen Is Getting His Own Reality Show

Mega-popular megachurch pastor Joel Osteen, author of the bestseller Your Best Life Now and other faith-based self help books, is coming to TV. Producer Mark Burnett, whose hit reality show roster includes Survivor and The Apprentice, will be at the helm. In addition to Osteen, the show will feature his wife, Victoria Osteen, and members of their Lakewood Church in Houston. Burnett and his wife, Touched By An Angel actress Roma Downey, are devout Christians and friends with the Osteens, so the … [Read more...]