Katy Perry’s Song “By the Grace of God” Is a Flashback to Her Christian Singer Days

Before Katy Perry was an animal-print-and-candy-loving pop star, she was Katy Hudson, aspiring Christian singer. Though her switch to the secular side of music helped make her a star, Katy (whose parents are pastors) hasn't given up on her Christian background. Her new album Prism features the ballad "By the Grace of God," which probably won't ever be released as a single but does a bang-up job appealing to one of her core constituencies.But what does John Mayer think? … [Read more...]

Scientologist Actor Johnny Lewis In Possible Murder-Suicide

Former Sons of Anarchy and The OC actor (and also former Katy Perry boyfriend) Johnny Lewis is currently at the center of a big Hollywood scandal. The actor is believed to have murdered his landlady and her cat before either committing suicide or falling to his death. Lewis was known for having drug problems, and he went through Scientology's Narconon program at the request of his parents, Michael and Divona Lewis. The Lewises are longtime committed Scientologists who have both reached level … [Read more...]

Tim Tebow Wants a Wife With a ‘Servant’s Heart’

Football player Tim Tebow (he was on the Denver Broncos and has since been traded to the New York Jets) is interviewed in this month's issue of Vogue. Although he doesn't land himself on the cover, he does get a photoshoot (an image from which you can see here) and a headline calling him Superman. In the interview, Tebow says that he would like to get married someday, and that he wants a woman with a "servant's heart." Um, what?Though it might sound like sexism, the "servant's heart" thing … [Read more...]

The First Non-Christian Album Katy Perry Ever Heard Was ‘Jagged Little Pill’

Before Katy Perry was Katy Perry, she was Katy Hudson, a preachers' daughter and aspiring gospel singer. Her parents are both Pentecostal preachers, and when Katy was growing up she was forbidden to read Harry Potter, listen to any non-Christian music, or even watch the first Sister Act movie (the second one was a-okay). After a failed attempt at a gospel career under her real name, Katy reinvented herself as the candy-loving boob-flaunting superstar she is today. She says that the first … [Read more...]

Katy Perry Dedicates a Song to Tim Tebow

Hey, remember that time like five minutes ago when I said I had zero to contribute about the Superbowl/sports in general? Yeah, anyway.Katy Perry played a pre-Superbowl concert in Indianapolis last night. Because she has never met a theme she didn't like matching to a skanky costume, Katy donned a sexy football-inspired outfit. Then, she dedicated her song "Peacock" to Tim Tebow. Here's what is interesting about that:1. "Peacock" is a not-at-all-subtle song about seeing a dude's penis. … [Read more...]

Katy Perry’s Parents Want Her to Date Tim Tebow

It's no secret that Katy Perry's religious parents (they're Christian ministers) weren't crazy about Russell Brand's lack of piety. Now that he's out of the way, the Perrys have taken time out of their busy Jew-bashing schedule to try and play matchmaker for their daughter and Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Tebow has been very open about his Christian beliefs and is reportedly guest-speaking at the Perrys' California church soon. Don't you guys hate it when your parents try to set you up … [Read more...]