Mad Men Introduces Hare Krishnas, Entire World Makes ‘Harry Krishna’ Joke

Last night, Mad Men took a break from exploring Judaism to introduce another religion. In a nice surprise, we finally got to see Paul Kinsey, who left the show after season three when he wasn't brought along to the newly formed Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Turns out Paul has been busy: he joined the Hare Krishnas. He has shaved his head, wears traditional dress, and chants. And now he wants to hang out with his old friend Harry Crane,I never loved Paul, but it was nice to see that people … [Read more...]

When Mad Men Met Manischewitz

Okay, that's it. If Mad Men keeps getting Jewy I am going to have to come up with some kind of cute name for a feature here, because I am seriously writing about the show every week.This week in Mad Men Jewiness: Roger tried to sign an account from a Jewish-owned wine company who is trying to go mainstream. That wine company would be Manischewitz, and Roger enlists the help of the two Jews he knows: his soon-to-be-ex-wife Jane (to come to the client dinner) and copywriter Michael Ginsburg … [Read more...]

‘Mad Men’ Invokes a Jewy Sylvia Plath Poem

Last night's episode was titled "Lady Lazarus," which fellow lit nerds will recognize as the title of a famous Sylvia Plath poem. Several of the characters' lives had moments that seemed reminiscent of Plath's own, including a small but meaningful turn by Alexis "Rory Gilmore" Bledel (pictured) as a depressed suburban wife who quietly tolerates her husband's cheating. "Lady Lazarus" is full of religious symbolism - Lazarus rose from the dead, if you'll remember - and also references to the … [Read more...]

Michael Ginsburg Isn’t the Only Jew on ‘Mad Men’

A few weeks ago, Mad Men added its first Jewish regular character, Michael Ginsburg, played by Ben Feldman. Ginsburg is joining Peggy as a member of the creative team, and we're slowly learning about his backstory. This week, he told Peggy that he had been born in a concentration camp to a woman who eventually died, and that he was raised in a Swedish orphanage until adopted by his father. But Ginsburg turns out not to be the only Jew on the show - last night's episode featured two more … [Read more...]

‘Mad Men’ Just Got Way More Jewish

I love Mad Men, and I like the way that the first two episodes of the new season have the characters reacting to the massive changes taking place in the world around them. This week's episode, "Tea Leaves," featured two new characters: a black female secretary and a male Jewish copywriter.The copywriter, Michael Ginsberg (played by Ben Feldman), comes from a working class family and asks Peggy to please be proud of him because no one else in his life is proud of him. When he goes home that … [Read more...]