‘Book of Mormon’ Wants Tim Tebow In the Audience

I don’t follow any sports (with the weird exception of the Olympics, which I categorize as a reality show), but even I had heard that Christian QB Tim Tebow was switching teams and joining the New York Jets. Although the team plays in New Jersey, his proximity to the Big Apple has plenty of businesses [Read More...]

I Am Thankful That I Got to See ‘Book of Mormon’ This Year

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The Best #JewishMusicals from Twitter

Recently, the #JewishMusicals hashtag started going around on Twitter, and some of the titles were hilarious. Here are a few of my favorites: NathanWurtzel: Katz Sledkitten: Spiderman: No, It’s OK, I’ll Sit in the Dark ConFuria: Kvetch Me If You Can WeddingYentas: The Wizard of Schnoz ItsDLevy: You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, But Why [Read More...]