The New Romcom ‘Jewtopia’ Appears to Have One or Two Actual Jews In It

There's a new romantic comedy coming out called Jewtopia. As far as I can tell from the trailer, it's about two best friends, one who is Jewish and marries a Jewish woman and one who's not Jewish but desperate to marry a Jewish woman so that "he never has to make decisions again" (charming). Jamie-Lynn Sigler (who is actually Jewish) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (who is not) play the respective female leads. I didn't laugh once during the trailer, but I'll consider putting it on my Netflix list if … [Read more...]

Erin Bates Is Getting Married

Erin Bates, one of the kids from Duggar family spinoff show United Bates of America, is engaged. Her mom, Kelly Bates, announced the news on the family's blog earlier this week. After going through their religious group's practice of courtship, Erin and Chad Paine officially got engaged. The two of them clearly have a lot in common - Chad is one of 12 kids, while Erin is one of 19.Erin is attending a Christian college and is a semester away from her degree in music. (For a side dose of … [Read more...]

Octomom Has a Boyfriend Whom She Met in Church

Nadya Suleman, the woman best known to the world as Octomom, is having a busy year. She made her first ever porn movie (solo, if you were dying to know) and now she's dating someone, despite saying she planned to stay celibate until her octuplets were grown up. The man in question is someone called Frankie G (that's the happy couple pictured above), who is an aspiring bodybuilder and would not be out of place among the Jersey Shore cast.Suleman told TMZ that she and her boyfriend met in … [Read more...]

Rumor Mill: Rihanna Is Studying Kabbalah Because of Ashton Kutcher

Today the Daily Mail (which likes to refer to as "the daily fail," with pretty good reason) reported that Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher are secretly hooking up. But it gets weirder: they also claim that Rihanna is going to start studying Kabbalah in order to connect with her new man.Ashton got into Kabbalah through his ex-wife Demi Moore, and it looks like even though their marriage didn't work out he's still into the study of Jewish mysticism. I suppose that's a more interesting … [Read more...]

John Fugelsang Tells The Story of His Parents’ Spiritual Romance

Comedian John Fugelsang is known for hist stints hosting America's Funniest Home Videos and as a VJ on Vh1. But he has opened up a whole new side of his life by tweeting the story of how his parents met and fell in love - while they were a nun and a monk.Formerly known as Brother Boniface and Sister Damien, Fugelsang's parents Jack and Peggy met in Brooklyn and sent each other platonic letters for years. But eventually, they fell in love and broke their vows so that they could marry each … [Read more...]

Katy Perry’s Parents Want Her to Date Tim Tebow

It's no secret that Katy Perry's religious parents (they're Christian ministers) weren't crazy about Russell Brand's lack of piety. Now that he's out of the way, the Perrys have taken time out of their busy Jew-bashing schedule to try and play matchmaker for their daughter and Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Tebow has been very open about his Christian beliefs and is reportedly guest-speaking at the Perrys' California church soon. Don't you guys hate it when your parents try to set you up … [Read more...]

Tyra Banks Is Going on a Spiritual Retreat to Cope with Her Breakup

America's Next Top Model hostess Tyra Banks probably likes the book Eat, Pray, Love. The model and Harvard Business School student has split with her boyfriend of three years, businessman John Utendahl, and is coping by going on a spiritual retreat in Indonesia. Tyra's publicist told Page Six that "Tyra has gone away with a female friend and has been island-hopping, visiting Bali and taking a spiritual retreat." … [Read more...]