‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown’s Brother Curtis Has Died

Sister Wives husband Kody Brown (pictured) is mourning a death in the family - his brother Curtis. Curtis leaves behind a wife,Erica Brown, and three children. He died after getting in a motorcycle accident.Curtis has not appeared on the show, but he and Kody were reportedly close. Kody tweeted the announcement about Curtis' death and a photo of his brother earlier this week, and first wife Meri Brown has been tweeting words of support at Erica. Curtis lived in Montana, where he and Kody … [Read more...]

Michelle Duggar’s Sister Kathie Died – Will We See That On the Show?

Michelle Duggar's sister Kathie Ruark Arnold passed away in March. Michelle is the youngest child in her family and stayed behind to marry Jim-Bob Duggar when the rest of her family relocated to Ohio. There were one or two episodes of 19 Kids and Counting where Michelle visited her Ruark relatives, but for the most part they haven't been featured on the show - this could be simply because of geography (although Ohio is way closer than Jerusalem or Tokyo, where the Duggars have been recently), … [Read more...]

Christian Artist Thomas Kinkade Dies at 54

Thomas Kinkade, who dubbed himself "The Painter of Light," has passed away at the age of 54. Kinkade's work, which was often criticized as being empty and devoid of critical thought, was hugely popular and made Kinkade a multimillionaire. A devout Christian, Kinkade often painted spiritual scenes and sold items like a "Christian table topper" (a "3D tabletop sculpture celebrates the story of Easter in 13 scenes and 45 sculpted figures") and even produced a movie called Christmas Lodge, based on … [Read more...]

Bobby Brown Says He Loves Whitney Like He Loves God

Although Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston were divorced at the time of her death last weekend, it can't be easy when someone you were so close to for so long passes away. Bobby's currently on the road with New Edition, and at a recent concert in Mississippi he briefly addressed the crowd."I'd like to say thank you for your prayers…I'd like to say thank you. Period. I'm gonna throw two up for Whitney. That's my love. Life is life. You have to move on sometimes. I love her like I love God." … [Read more...]

Remembering Whitney Houston, Gospel Singer

If tomorrow is Judgment Day and I'm standing on the front line and the Lord asks me what I did with my life, I will say, 'I spent it with you'"God gave me a voice to sing with, and when you have that, what other gimmick is there?" - Whitney Houston … [Read more...]