Lisa Welchel Makes It to Final Six on ‘Survivor’ and Gets a Visit from Her Pastor Brother

Former Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel joined the cast of this year’s┬áSurvivor, effectively launching her comeback. But how is the newly-divorced evangelical Christian doing on the show? Last week, another Survivor was voted off, leaving Lisa as one of the top six finalists. She’s not the only famous face in the group – former [Read More...]

‘Facts of Life’ Star Lisa Whelchel Is a Newly Divorced Evangelical Christian and ‘Survivor’ Cast Member

Well, that was the longest sentence I’ve written in a while. Let’s break this down: Lisa Whelchel played Blair on The Facts of Life. Lisa is also a devout Christian. She was a Christian before she was famous, and reportedly refused to film a Blair-loses-her-virginity scene on the show. In 1988, Lisa got married to [Read More...]