Farrah Abraham Says That Jesus Loves Porn Stars

I can't really add anything to this picture. Suffice it to say that Farrah Abraham's story of teen-mom-turned-Teen Mom-turned-porn-star is going to make a hell of a Lifetime movie someday. … [Read more...]

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham Isn’t Too Christian to Make Porn

Since the original series of Teen Mom ended last year, one of the show's stars, Farrah Abraham, has desperately tried to stay relevant. She released a book, an album, and a line of pasta sauce, then got a DUI. A few days ago, rumors began to swirl that Farrah had made a sex tape. The truth is slightly more complex: she didn't make a sex tape, she made a straight-up porn movie with porn star James Deen. (Side note: a sex tape is a tape that you make for funsies that accidentally or 'accidentally' … [Read more...]

FGP Celebrity Quote of the Week: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Kailyn Lowry Is An Atheist

You're not supposed to talk about religion, sex, or politics in polite company, but reality TV is not polite company. MTV's Teen Mom franchise obviously talks a lot about sex, and politics comes up occasionally in the form of abortion/adoption conversations. Religion, though, doesn't come up much on the show. However, many of the girls keep up with fans via their Twitter accounts, and they often share more personal or in-depth stuff than we see on TV. One of those moments happened this week with … [Read more...]

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Went to Church and Then Shot Guns

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, best known for giving up custody of her son to her mother and repeatedly getting arrested, has a new boyfriend who took her to church. He then took her to shoot guns. Jenelle, I understand that church and guns make you feel more Southern somehow, but I'm from the same state as you (North Carolina represent!) and am a Jewish pacifist, so I think your Southernitude is really more of a state of mind thing. … [Read more...]