A Fan Takes Issue with Conan O’Brien’s Human Centipede Menorah (But Not the One You Think)

This year, Conan O’Brien brought back his “Human Centipede menorah” sketch for Hanukkah. However, one of the show’s viewers thought that Conan was lighting the menorah the wrong way. (The fact that there were people connected face-to-butt, though? Apparently not as problematic.) Here’s Alexander’s video and Conan’s response. [Read more...]

Bravo’s ‘Miss Advised’ Gets Their Golems All Wrong

Bravo’s reality show Miss Advised is about three women who give relationship advice for a living – a radio show host, a matchmaker, and a “columnist.” They go on awkward televised dates and then see if they can take their own advice. Julia Allison, the columnist, went to see a witch in last night’s episode [Read More...]

Shappi Khorsandi Is Female, Iranian, and Hilarious

Once upon a time when I was super jet lagged in a hotel in Amsterdam, I found one English-language channel on TV and stumbled on a standup routine by Shappi Khorsandi, an Iranian-British comedian who is fucking hilarious. (Sample joke: her son’s dog is named Benjamin Petanyahu.) Though she’s pretty damn funny in English, she [Read More...]