Yom Kippur and the ‘Jewish Hunger Games’

Well, this was inevitable. I can only wonder why a Yom Kippur/The Hunger Games mashup didn't happen sooner. I just wish Jim Rash had been available to wear the Effie Trinket costume. … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Chose Yom Kippur Over Fashion Royalty

Makeup artist Bobbi Brown and her eponymous line of cosmetics are both big successes. But unlike some of her peers, Brown has deliberately chosen to live outside of the New York fashion world. She lives in a New Jersey suburb with her husband, who is not a celebrity or mogul, and her children."My husband taught me I don’t have to be part of [the scene]," she told T magazine. She told a story in which she became the Sandy Koufax of the beauty world: I remember one time when I really had to m … [Read more...]