Coming Wed on More2Life Radio: Raising Faithful Kids (Plus, Win a Free Book! Details Below)


Coming Wednesday on More2Life:  Raising Faithful Kids--Every Catholic parent wants to raise faithful kids. Today, we'll talk about what it really takes to raise kids to love Jesus Christ and his Church and how to overcome the obstacles in your path.Call in at 877-573-7825 from Noon-1 Eastern (11-Noon Central) with your questions about raising godly children.WIN A FREE BOOK in our SUMMER BOOK GIVEAWAY!  Respond the  Q of the D:  (Two-fer.  Answer one or both to win!) 1.  What are the m … [Read more...]

Will Your Kids Stay Catholic? (UPDATED)


Most parents hope that their adult children will remain in the faith in which they were raised.  Lisa and I often hear, both on the radio and in our counseling practice, from parents who are profoundly upset that their adult children have left the Church.Obviously, parents can never guarantee that children will follow in their footsteps with regard to their beliefs but there are things that can be done to stack the deck.  When it comes to raising kids to stay Catholic, the research is pretty … [Read more...]

Male and Female He Created Them–Gender and the Catholic Difference.


I have been reflecting a great deal on Eve Tushnet's excellent article in The Atlantic that many of you have probably, already read (and if you haven't, by all means, check it out).  I've been thinking of her article, in part, because she's a great writer, but also, because I spent the weekend with my best friend from childhood with whom I remain very close despite the fact that we have many very different views, me being a promoter of the Catholic vision of the person and sexuality and him, b … [Read more...]

“I Don’t Believe in God Anymore”–When Your Kids Reject the Faith

teen atheist

I've been hearing from a lot of parents whose teens are rejecting their faith.  The stories are all terrifically painful but they tend to represent different variations on the following theme. The other day my son/daughter was refusing to go to Church.  S/he told me that s/he doesn't believe 'all that stuff' anymore.  We had a huge fight about it.  I don't understand.  I never had any problems before.  When s/he was little, s/he loved to go to Church.   S/he was an altar server (lect … [Read more...]

Natural Family Planning and the Dignity of Women

dignity woman

(Here's an advanced look at my next Family Foundations column).The dignity of women is under assault like never before.  Thanks to the internet, pornography is more accessible than ever.  Young women, especially, are buying wholesale into the porn culture.  It's become so pervasive that, surprisingly, many secular publications have recently been complaining about the negative effect pornography has had on relationships from a man's perspective.  Men are beginning to report feeling put-off, in … [Read more...]

One More Reason to Bring Your Babies to Church…

kids driving

Remember our discussion on the importance of bringing your babies to Church?   Remember all the people who argued that you should wait until they're older?   Here's one more reason to follow my advice.  It turns out that if you do what my opponents suggested and wait until your kids are 7, they can steal a car and drive themselves home.Babies can't drive.  See?  I win.  … [Read more...]

Mars, Venus, or Earth? What Planet are Men and Women REALLY From?

mars venus

I love this article.  It is a terrific, thoughtful, scientific, and ultimately, (unintentionally) very Catholic view of the differences between the sexes.  When most people talk about gender  differences, they lapse into useless stereotypes.  For instance, "Women like to talk and men don't"  Really? So if a man likes to talk to his friends does that make him less manly?   Or how about another example, "Men like to solve problems and women like to talk about problems."   Really?  Women don't want … [Read more...]

What Rebecca Hamilton said…

This is just so painful.   The Church in the US has made so many strides on this issue.  These recent developments are an object lesson in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  Rebecca Hamilton offers a terrific response...I support the bishops.How many times, over how many issues, have I said that?I support them whenever and however they teach and preach the Gospel of Christ. I support them in their battles against secularism and the social dissolution around us. I support the … [Read more...]