Calling All Franco-phobes, “Be not afraid!”

A lot of people--especially conservatives and traditionalists--are freaking out about Pope Francis comments, especially his most recent interview for America magazine.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not unsympathetic.  Even though Pope Francis is not overturning any doctrines or giving out "Get Into Heaven Free" passes to the lowest bidders, he does have a VERY different style that requires some getting used to after the more charismatically catechetical (chasmachetical?) approach of Pope John Paul II … [Read more...]

Why Wills? In which We Recall the Last Time Popcak took Wills to the Woodshed

Ah, Garry Wills.  My favorite professorial poseur and religious rebel-without-a clue.   He's back with a new argument for using books as kindling in the form of a doorstop titled, Why Priests?  A Failed Tradition.  Stephen Colbert has some fun with him on the topic the other day and does a fairly good job responding (although he doesn't challenge Wills demonstrably false assertion that Augustine didn't support the priesthood.) Take a look.I really have to wonder what anyone sees in this guy. … [Read more...]

Holy Sex! More Resources for Infallible Loving

When my book, Holy Sex! A Catholic Guide to Toe Curling, Mind Blowing, Infallible Loving came out in 2008, it was (to my knowledge) the first and (again, to my knowledge) still is the only book to which faithful Catholics can turn to address real,  practical questions about sex, sexuality, and sexual problems.And although Holy Sex! continues to be the only published resource that exists to help faithful, Catholic married couples celebrate the fullness of their marital love, I am pleased to re … [Read more...]

Can I Get A Witness?!?

A little Gospel Public Service Announcement from the Staff and Management of Faith on the Couch.Keep Yo Business of Yo Facebook.Somebody give me an Amen. … [Read more...]

COMING MONDAY on More2Life Radio–When Faith Divides

Coming Monday: When Faith Divides--In Sunday's Gospel, Jesus says, "Do you think I came to bring peace?"  We'll look at those times when our faith puts us at odds with others and how to work toward peace in spite of those differences.Plus, TOB Insitute's Bill Donaghy reflects on how the Theology of the Body both challenges the culture and allows us to engage it more effectively.Call in at 877-573-7825 from Noon-1 Eastern (11-Noon Central) with your questions aboutCan’t get M2L on a Ca … [Read more...]

“Do We HAVE To?” Natural Family Planning and the Reluctant Couple

My latest article for the Couple to Couple League's Family Foundations magazine (What?  You don't subscribe?)  deals with those couples who come to Natural Family Planning with a less than open heart.  Here's a sneak peak.The Resentful Couple  Dr. Gregory K. Popcak There are a lot of couples who come to Natural Family Planning...reluctantly.  Even resentfully.  As more dioceses require NFP training, many couples approach their classes a little like a root canal, but with less enthu … [Read more...]

Children: Eyes that Enable Us to See the Future

In his comments at his reception by the Brazilian President, the Holy Father challenged all adults to care for children who represent the eyes through which we see the future.Here it is common for parents to say, “Our children are the apple of our eyes”. How beautiful is this expression of Brazilian wisdom, which applies to young people an image drawn from our eyes, which are the window through which light enters into us, granting us the miracle of sight! What would become of us if we didn’t … [Read more...]

“God is in the Pots and Pans”– Finding God in the Domestic Church

Catholics refer to the family as the "Domestic Church" but it would be easy to experience this as a spiritually antiseptic phrase requiring families to be perfectly peaceful, perfectly quiet (and to borrow a phrase from Mary Poppins) practically perfect in every way.It can be hard to relate to that image of the family.  It seems too remote.  Too impossible.  Too lofty,  but it doesn't have to be.   I think the problem is that most of us think of church in too idealized a way which makes the n … [Read more...]