“Dear Dr. Greg, Don’t be a bigot.” Letter from a Child of a Gay Father.


The other day, I received an email from a young woman who read my post titled, Gay Marriage: Getting the Conversation Right.  Her parents divorced when her dad came out and she wanted me to know that they were all in a good place with it--and why couldn't I be?  I have removed any identifying details, but I thought I would share our exchange as a way of illustrating the real challenge at the heart of gay marriage and why standing for traditional marriage is not anti-gay, but rather, … [Read more...]

Coming Tues to More2Life: Celebrating Marriage


Today, we join those in Washington, D.C. at the March for Marriage by celebrating the Gift of Marriage.  We'll look at what makes marriage a blessing and offer great ideas for getting more from your relationship.  Call in with your questions about making your marriage great and your reflections about what makes your marriage a gift. 877-573-7825 Don't forget to answer our FB questions of the day: (FOR MARRIED PEOPLE)  What's the best thing about being married to your spouse? (FOR … [Read more...]

How to Put this Charitably? “Conrad Black, YOU are the Dumbass of the Day.” (Or, Why The Church Need not Get Jiggy with the Pill)

Conrad Black, for failing--despite your obvious intellect--to bestir yourself to read a single book on Catholic sexual ethics, YOU are the Dumbass of the Day.

  Sadly, the National Review has taken leave of the remains its senses and published a rambling essay on the need to overturn Humanae Vitae by Conrad Black, who, besides being Sirius' older, less Catholic, and more sesquipedalian brother, would appear to be leaning on his extensive experience as a biographer of dead presidents (FDR, and Tricky Dick) as evidence of his authority  to lecture the Church on contraception.  Well, why the hell not?  Everybody else is doing it. Why … [Read more...]

(“Phew! The Coast is Clear!”) Er, I mean, “Yeah! Pope Francis!”


Amy Welborn is spot on in identifying what she calls the weird sense of "relief" expressed by many on the election of Pope Francis.    To be honest, I've been getting the impression that in certain quarters, people aren't so much rejoicing that Pope Francis was elected as much as they are rejoicing at what they imagine to be the end of the papal era of JPII and BXVI with their shared focus on personal responsibility, the authentic nature of love, and the importance of the Church's moral … [Read more...]

Can Celibacy Be Healthy?


With the conclave and election of the new Pope, celibacy was front and center in the news.  Will it change?  What's it all about?  Can it be healthy? Why is it so hard for the world to "get" what Catholics are trying to say through the witness of celibacy.  Dr. Wanda Poltawska of the Pontifical Academy of Krakow argues that the world struggles with the possibility of a healthy celibacy because for the lay person, celibacy is usually imposed but for the priest or religious, celibacy is … [Read more...]

Sexual Abuse and the Church: Complicated Recovery


The last decade has uncovered the seriousness of abuse in the Church.  The Church has done a great deal to make certain that young men and women are safe but the road for the victims of institutional abuse can be long and hard. New research shows that institutional abuse (abuse that occurs in the context of a school, church, universities, scouts, etc) can lead to an even more complicated recovery than other forms of sexual trauma. Researchers are now learning that recovery from sexual … [Read more...]

Why Am I Catholic?


The Poobah's at Patheos descended today from on high to invite the lowly serfs laboring in the digital fields of their various channels to write, in 200 words or less, why we are whatever faith we are.  Here's my contribution of 198 words (but who's counting?) So, why are you Catholic?  Share your thoughts WHY I AM CATHOLIC If religion represents the human quest to draw closer to God, I want nothing less than a religion that makes the boldest, most audacious claims about the kind of … [Read more...]

Pope Francis: The Psychology of a Name


Studies on the significance of names tell us that the name we are called by can has a powerful impact both on the way we see ourselves and the way others see us.  One of the reasons the Church encourages Catholic parents to choose a saint's name for their children is that, as Christians, our identities ought to be completely devoted to the pursuit of heaven--the ultimate prize--from the first day of our birth. There  is power in a name.  It announces us, and in many cases, it may come … [Read more...]


Pope Francis

  Former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentia Becomes Pope Francis Long Live The Pope A Hymn for the Pope (Click for Musical Accompaniment) Long live the Pope! His praises sound Again and yet again: His rule is over space and time: His throne the heart of men: All hail! The Shepherd Pope of Rome, The theme of loving song: Let all the earth his glory sing And heav’n the strain prolong. Beleaguered by By the foes of earth, Beset by hosts of hell, He guards the … [Read more...]

He Blinded Me with Science Part… the Third: The Final Chapter

I know... I know... different 80's science reference. But how often will I get a chance to use this pic on a Catholic blog?

The conversation continues... BOB:  "I’m asking for evidence for this remarkable claim"  (that Christian cosmology is necessary for science). Dr. Greg: You mean other than the entire academic discipline of the history of science?  I'm afraid you've got me there.   Start with Stanley Jaki's foundational book, "The Savior of Science."  Columbia University has a brief summary of some of his major points here. BOB:  "I’ve read this claim from other Christian thinkers, but I … [Read more...]