The Crux of the Matter: Catholics and Contraception–A Challenge to Margery Eagan.

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Over at Crux News the other day, Margery Eagan posted a column indicating that she was "devastated" that Pope Francis crushed her hopes for reform on pelvic issues by affirming Pope Paul VI'scourage in promoting Humanae Vitae.  A snippet: "Although he has not lived it himself, I had thought he understood something about good people living real lives in real marriages. I had thought he even understood something about the beauty of sex in marriage, the need for sex in marriage.  I was wro … [Read more...]

Are Your Committing These 2 Relationship-Killing Habits?

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When you have a conflict with your spouse or significant other, do you withdraw like a turtle into its shell? Or perhaps you expect your partner to be a mind reader about what ticks you off?  Those aretwo of the most common types of disengagement in relationships, and both can be harmful, but in different ways and for different reasons, says researcher Keith Sanford, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology and neuroscience in Baylor University's College of Arts & … [Read more...]

Surprise! 2 Things Happy Relationships and Christmas Have in Common


If you had to pick two qualities that characterize the spirit of Christmas, you could hardly do better than kindness and generosity.It turns out that kindness and generosity are the two qualities that, more than any other, distinguish happy couples from the also-rans.   New research by the Gottman Relationship Institute says that happy couples exhibit significantly higher degrees of kindness and generosity than less happy couples.  Of course, you might be tempted to say "Well, that's o … [Read more...]

For Better or Worse: You’ll Be Surprised at These 4 Ways Marriage Changes You!

We all know that marriage changes us, but new research in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships looks at exactly how that process happens and the specific changes we can expect to see based on the way we respond to the ups and downs of married life.  According to the study, there are 4 ways couples change as a result of their marriage, two of which are positive and two are negative.Positive Marital ChangesSelf-Expansion:  Is the tendency to develop new, positive qualities (e. … [Read more...]

Pope Francis & Pope Emeritus Benedict Agree on Annulments

From a recent interview with Pope Francis.The family is so beaten up, young people don´t get married. What´s the problem? When they finally come to get married, having already moved in together, we think it´s enough to offer them three talks to get them ready for marriage. But it´s not enough because the great majority are unaware of the meaning of a lifetime commitment. Benedict said it twice in his last year, that we should take this into account in order to grant nullity, each person´s fai … [Read more...]

Holy Sex in the Huffington Post


 My book, Holy Sex! A Catholic Guide to Toe-Curling, Mind-Blowing, Infallible Loving got a mention in an article over at the Huffington Post.   "Sexier Religious Holidays:  11 Sugarplums of Wisdom."Apparently, I am the 10th sugarplum (just as I always suspected ;-). … [Read more...]

“My Sister, My Bride”–6 Reasons Why Catholics MUST Marry Their Best Friend


Taking a cue from the classic rom-com, When Harry Met Sally,  an article at argues that husbands and wives should not expect to be each other's best friend.   The author, Mark Judge, writes,"I married my best friend."  You often hear this said, from new brides to celebrities. Even the President of the United States says he married his best friend.  As nice at it may seem, a man should not marry his best friend. He should marry his wife, who should understand that she is … [Read more...]

What Douthat & Martin Miss: Reflections on the Ongoing Synod Discussion

NYT columnist, Ross Douthat,  and America Editor-at-Large, Fr. Jim Martin, are having a very interesting conversation about the fallout from the Extraordinary Synod on the Family.  I applaud them on their civility, but I do think they are missing some important points.So Who Asked You, Anyway?Although they haven't asked my opinion, I did want to offer a few thoughts because as a full-time marriage and family minister who has written more than 20 books promoting the Catholic vision of m … [Read more...]