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Marriage Enemy #1

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People often ask me what the biggest problem affecting marriages is.  They usually expect me to say something like, "poor communication", "infidelity", "drugs and alcohol" and the like.All of these are important problems, of course and they are, unfortunately, common.  But they are not the most common or even the most serious problem undermining marriages in my estimation.  In fact, the real problem is what often causes all of these other issues.  So, what is the most common marriage problem … [Read more...]

Great New Way to Destroy Your Relationships–Get the APP


This has got to be the worst app I've seen in a long time.Brownie Points is designed for couples to help keep track of each other's behavior.  Couples give each other points for doing things the other likes and each partner accumulates those points to earn rewards like "having a girls night out" or "getting alone time" or whatever.  I appreciate that many couples work this way and I also appreciate the intention of the app to help catch each other "being good."  But I have to admit, this id … [Read more...]

Holy Sex! More Resources for Infallible Loving


When my book, Holy Sex! A Catholic Guide to Toe Curling, Mind Blowing, Infallible Loving came out in 2008, it was (to my knowledge) the first and (again, to my knowledge) still is the only book to which faithful Catholics can turn to address real,  practical questions about sex, sexuality, and sexual problems.And although Holy Sex! continues to be the only published resource that exists to help faithful, Catholic married couples celebrate the fullness of their marital love, I am pleased to re … [Read more...]

Happy Couple Hosts Charity Event in Lieu of Reception


While I can't imagine that every couple would be able to do this, good for them.IT IS supposed to be the happiest day of your life.  And one Hampshire couple have chosen to spread their happiness by holding a charity event in place of their wedding reception.  After tying the knot at Southampton Register Office, on March 1, Louise Abbott and Ryan Hewitt, from Totton, will be holding a charity weekend at The White Horse, Netley Marsh.   The couple hope their big day will raise £4,000 for the R … [Read more...]

Husband Posts Wife’s AMAZING Tantrum on YouTube


Believe it or not, I encounter this kind of behavior in marriage therapy all the time.People seem to think that anger is the gift we give to other people, but it isn't.   Your anger is God's gift to you, not anyone else.  Anger is the emotional response to a perceived injustice.  The healthy response to anger is to (1) identify the trigger for the anger (2) take a few moments to pray and think about a possible solution to the problem  (3) only then approach your partner by leading with this s … [Read more...]

“Do We HAVE To?” Natural Family Planning and the Reluctant Couple


My latest article for the Couple to Couple League's Family Foundations magazine (What?  You don't subscribe?)  deals with those couples who come to Natural Family Planning with a less than open heart.  Here's a sneak peak.The Resentful Couple  Dr. Gregory K. Popcak There are a lot of couples who come to Natural Family Planning...reluctantly.  Even resentfully.  As more dioceses require NFP training, many couples approach their classes a little like a root canal, but with less enthu … [Read more...]

The Marriage Debate: What NOT to Do (and What TO do instead)

man woman

There is really no way to put a smiley face on it.  Yesterday's SCOTUS decisions dealt a serious blow to the marriage movement.  The decision was not as catastrophic as it could have been.  One scenario had SCOTUS pulling a "Roe" and, by judicial fiat, granting a federal right to gay marriage in all 50 states.  As  I noted on the air yesterday, the decisions on DOMA and Prop 8 are the equivalent of having one's legs cut off instead of one's head.  Yes, one's better than the other, but neither is … [Read more...]