Dirty Sex, Accidental Heretics, and the Cult of Purity


"But I am a worm and not a man, scorned by everyone, despised by the people"  (Psalm 22:6).In the Catholic Patheos community, we're having a continuing conversation on the nature of healthy vs. unhealthy perspectives on sex ed.  Calah Alexander offers a terrific post contradicting the false notion that sex outside of marriage makes one "dirty."   She writes,"Contemporary American culture, a culture that has so influenced other first-world cultures, is profoundly shaped by the heavily Ca … [Read more...]

Natural Family Planning and the Dignity of Women

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(Here's an advanced look at my next Family Foundations column).The dignity of women is under assault like never before.  Thanks to the internet, pornography is more accessible than ever.  Young women, especially, are buying wholesale into the porn culture.  It's become so pervasive that, surprisingly, many secular publications have recently been complaining about the negative effect pornography has had on relationships from a man's perspective.  Men are beginning to report feeling put-off, in … [Read more...]

Coming Tues on More2Life: Relationships First! (Plus win the Book of the Week–Details Below)

Coming TUESDAY on More2Life-- Relationship First:  Summer is a time for regrouping and putting first things first. We'll look at what it takes to make sure your most important relationships are getting the best of you, instead of what's left of you.Call in at 877-573-7825 from Noon-1 Eastern (11-Noon Central) with your questions about putting the people you care about most--first.WIN A FREE BOOK!  (Details below).Tues Q of the D:  (Two-Fer.  Answer one or both).1. When do you fee … [Read more...]

What Does a “True” Sex Education Look Like?

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Last week, while I was on vacation, several of my Catholic Patheosi colleagues were engaged in vigorous discussions on abstinence education that were precipitated by Elizabeth Smart's negative comments on the, frankly, unhealthy approaches some abstinence programs take to promote their message.The conversation is continuing among Catholic Patheos bloggers, and earlier today, it was proposed that we all reflect a bit on what a "true" sex education would entail giving lists on what we think … [Read more...]

Coming Thurs on More2Life Radio: Overcoming Resentment —PLUS WIN A FREE BOOK. DETAILS BELOW!

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Coming Thurs on More2Life-- Overcoming Resentment: When others hurt us or fail to live up to our expectations, we often feel resentful.  But resentment undermines the intimacy the theology of the body calls us to cultivate in our relationships.  Today on M2L,  we'll look at the things that cause resentments in our life and how to overcome those challenges.Call in at 877-573-7825 from Noon-1 Eastern (11-Noon Central) with your questions about dealing with your own resentment or the resentment … [Read more...]

Coming Mon 5/6 on More2Life Radio: A Question of Trust

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A Question of Trust:  Trust is an important part of any relationship, especially the kind of intimate, loving relationships called for by the Theology of the Body.  Today, we'll look at how to know whether you really can trust someone in the first place and how to regain trust once it's lost. Call in with your questions about trust at 877-573-7825 from Noon-1pm Eastern (11-Noon C). And Don't forget to respond to our M2L Q of the D:  What makes it hard for you to trust so … [Read more...]

Coming Friday on More2Life Radio: The Marriage Care Kit.

Coming Fri on More2Life Radio--The Marriage Care Kit.  Today on More2Life, we'll look at everything you need to make your marriage great.  We'll have tips on improving intimacy, communication prayer, and joy in your life together.Call in from Noon-1 Eastern at 877-573-7825 to share what makes your marriage great and to get advice on removing any obstacles that stand in the way.Can’t get M2L on a Catholic radio station near you? Tune in live online at www.avemariaradio.net, listen via our … [Read more...]

The Pill Makes You Hate Sex and Want to Leave Your Milquetoast Man.


New research by the Royal Society says that women taking oral contraceptives, "scored lower on measures of sexual satisfaction and partner attraction, experienced increasing sexual dissatisfaction during the relationship, and were more likely to be the one to initiate an eventual separation if it occurred."The study did also suggest that the same contracepting women were more likely to be satisfied with the non-sexual aspects of their relationships, but the researchers note that this is b … [Read more...]