COMING THURS 5/2 on More2Life Radio: When Doing Right Turns Out Wrong

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When Doing Right Turns Out Wrong--We all know that being self-sacrificing should make relationships better.  But what about times when doing good for others causes us to be ignored, resented, or abused?  New research shows that the difference comes down to HOW you're being self-donative, not if.  In fact, some types of generosity actually make relationships worse. Today we'll explore those times when it feels like doing the right thing in your relationship keeps turning out wrong and we'll … [Read more...]

Cohabitation Nation: Sliding v. Deciding for Marriage


One of the most common concerns young people encounter as they begin to pursue adult relationships is the question of cohabitation. Living together before, or instead of, marriage has not only become acceptable in the last 30 years, it has become the norm.  According to the US Census bureau, there was a 72% increase in unmarried couples living together between the years from 1990 to 2000.  Further, about 54% of women have, or will have, lived together with a boyfriend at some point in their … [Read more...]

Coming Wed on More2Life Radio: The Family that Prays Together…

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The Theology of the Body reminds us that families aren't just biological units or relationships of convenience.  They are spiritual signs to each other and the world. Today, we'll talk about family prayer, and how your family can both encounter God and love each other more deeply in everyday life. Don't forget to answer the M2L FB Q of the D:  1. What ways do you pray together as a family?    2. What do you find to be the challenges to regular family prayer? Call 877-573-7825 from … [Read more...]

Jealousy Consult


Elizabeth Duffy asked me to offer some input on this post in which she addresses a reader's question about a struggle with jealousy.  I think she's done a terrific job covering most of the bases.  Anyone who followed her advice would definitely on a good path to leaving jealousy behind.  I only have two additional thoughts. The first is that when a person is jealous, they have a tendency to look for--and consistently find whether there is reason to or not--external reasons for their … [Read more...]



Beverly and Jim are newly engaged.  Even though they are very much in love, they have big concerns.    As Jim explains it,  “Neither of us had the best models for marriage.  My dad was an alcoholic and Beverly’s parents are divorced.  How can we know what it takes to stay together?” Their question got me thinking.  Is it possible to boil down the keys to a successful marriage into some basic rules of thumb?  Unfortunately, marriage isn’t quite that simple, but there are some … [Read more...]


COMING THURS:  THE JUGGLING ACT--Marriage and kids.  They're supposed to go great together.  So why is it so hard to hold it all together?  Today on More2Life, we'll offer ideas for making BOTH your marriage and family life everything you wish it could be. THURS Q of the D:  We want your ideas for the things that make both your relationship with your spouse and your relationship with your kids more enjoyable... 1.  Share one thing that you love to do (or would love to do) with your … [Read more...]

Help, Dr. Greg! My Husband and I are Growing Apart

growing apart

Dear Dr. Greg, My husband and I have been married 15 years.  We have four children ages 13, 10, 7, and 3.  We’ve always been a close couple, but lately, we seem to be drifting apart.  His work is demanding more time and between school and activities, the children are taking more and more time.  Both my husband and I are exhausted a lot of the time, and we sometimes go the whole week without talking beyond telling each other what happened and saying “good night.”  I used to be … [Read more...]

Coming Monday on More2Life Radio– To forgive, Divine

As our nation tries to put itself back together in the aftermath of last week, many are asking questions about mercy and forgiveness really asks of us.  It's a great question, and one that has a great deal of personal resonance as we reflect on how to treat those who have hurt us in big and small ways. Today, we'll look  at forgiveness actually requires, some common misperceptions about forgiveness and how to bring about healing after the hurt. Call in from Noon-1pm Eastern at 877-573-7825 … [Read more...]