This is Your Brain on Religion

Researchers from the National Institute on Aging and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, analyzed data collected from functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies to evaluate the flow of brain activity when religious and non-religious individuals discussed their religious beliefs.Dimitrios Kapogiannis, M.D., and colleagues determined causal pathways link brain networks related to “supernatural agents,” fear regulation, imagery and affect, all of which may be involved in cogni … [Read more...]

Do We Have Free Will?

There is, currently, a Patheos-wide discussion regarding people's beliefs about free will.  Many brain scientists deny the existence of such a thing as free will.  They correctly observe that the impulse to act emerges from the lower brain between  .3 - 1.5 seconds before we even become aware of the impulse.  The implication is that most of our actions are guided by impulses that we are barely aware of before we act upon them.  There is something to this.  Many, even most of our actions are uncon … [Read more...]

Emotional Security: Do You Know What YOUR Emotions Are Trying to Tell You?

Most Christians have a pretty ambivalent relationship with our emotions.  We just don't know what to feel about our feelings.  Sometimes, emotions can be the source of a great deal of joy, satisfaction, and well-being.  Other times they can wreck us with anxiety, despair, anger, and angst.   Of course,  there are still other times when we get upset with ourselves for being upset, angry at ourselves for being angry, or depressed about how sad we feel.Emotions are a part of our body, of cours … [Read more...]

COMING TUES on MORE2LIFE RADIO: Get A Hold of Yourself!

Coming Tues on More2Life:  Get A Hold of Yourself!  We all have times when we react rather than responding to emotionally-charged situations.  We'll look at what it takes to tame the reactions that tend to run away with you and how to cultivate greater peace and creativity.PLUS, Family Psychologist and Master Catechist, Dr. Joseph White joins us to talk about:  Teaching Teens to Make Good ChoicesCall in at 877-573-7825 from Noon-1 Eastern (11-Noon Central) with yo … [Read more...]

“That they all may be one.” In which Calvin & Hobbes, Jung, and Pope JPII Help Us Experience the Connection We Crave with Others.

Everyone longs for connection.  We all crave closeness but it can seem so elusive at times.  In the face of the struggle to fulfill that desire to be in synch with others, we can often despair that it was ever meant to be.We shouldn't.   The Theology of the Body reminds us that we were created to live in unity with God and others.   And, of course, this idea is deeply rooted in scripture.  Genesis (2:18) asserts that it was God's intention from the very beginning that would live in intimate c … [Read more...]

COMING FRIDAY ON MORE2LIFE–Getting In Synch (Plus, Win a Free Book–Drawing today!)

Coming Friday on More2Life:  Getting in Synch-- The Theology of the Body reminds us that we were created to live in unity with God and others. Sometimes we have flashes of that unity and we talk about being "in synch" with another person--where things feel easy and just make sense.  Everyone wants to feel comfortable and at peace with the people in their life.  But getting to that place where our relationships feel easy and comfortable takes work!  Today on M2L, we'll talk about what it takes to … [Read more...]

“Am I Crazy?” The 9 Components of Mental Health and How You Get Them.

Believe it or not, a mental health professional can make it through his or her bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs without having a single, significant discussion on what the term "mental health" actually means (or the term "mind" for that matter).We tend to be trained to think that mental health is "not" something.  In other words, one becomes mentally healthy when they are "not depressed" or "not anxious" anymore.   At best, we receive a very functional definition of mental heal … [Read more...]

What Can the Theology of the Body Teach Us about Managing Stress?

"I'm so busy!"  "There isn't enough time!"  Seemingly universal laments.  Life is filled with opportunities to be stressed and to become even more stressed all the time.In short bursts (of a few minutes or so) stress can be useful.  Stress, when it functions according to its purpose, calls our mind and body to be attentive and responsive to the challenges in front of us.  Ideally, stress ramps us up so that we can make a plan to handle those situations and then the stress should go away.  … [Read more...]