Pope Francis says many children are, “Orphans within the family.”


In his general audience, Pope Francis is asserting the importance of family life, repeating his exhortation to parents, and particularly fathers, to "waste time with your children."  One even more remarkable statement he made was that too many children are "orphans within the family."From Zenit "Even as bishop of Buenos Aires," the Pope recalled, "I warned of this sense of orphan-hood that children live today. And I regularly asked fathers if they played with their children; if they had the … [Read more...]

Pope Francis Encourages Breastfeeding in Sistine Chapel

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This past Sunday, Pope Francis celebrated the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord by baptizing 33 babies in the Sistine Chapel, NBC News reports. During the mass, the Catholic leader encouraged theinfants' mothers to breastfeed their babies. "You mothers give your children milk and even now, if they cry because they are hungry, breastfeed them, don't worry," Pope Francis declared in his homily.According to Reuters, the written sermon used the Italian phrase for "give them milk," but during … [Read more...]

Spying or Parenting? How Much CAN You Check Up On Your Kids–And How?

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CNN posted an article today asking if it's OK to "spy" on your kids' texts and posts to social media.I've heard this question before and it always strikes me as odd.  Generally speaking, I agree with the parent in the article who said, "It isn't spying.  It's parenting."  But more than that, I think that we need to cultivate the kind of relationships in our families that make talking about and sharing our lives a natural thing.  As a parent, why would I assume that my kid--even my tee … [Read more...]

Pediatricians Revising Anti-Bed Sharing Stance: Dire Warnings “Backfired.”


According to Dr. Melissa Bartick, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, the strong stance against  infant co-sleeping/bed-sharing previously taken by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control may have actually caused more infant injuries and deaths. As a result, the American Academy of Pediatrics is currently reviewing its safe-sleep recommendations.Dr. Bartick notes the problems with the original recommendations.the AAP’s statement from w … [Read more...]

60% of American Children Show Signs of Poor Moral/Emotional/Relational Health, New Study Says.

Research consistently shows that secure attachment is directly related to robust moral reasoning, empathy,emotional stability, and relational satisfaction.  By contrast, people with insecure attachments are more likely to be self-centered, emotionally reactive, impulsive, and dissatisfied with their relationships.   Secure attachment is essential to what people more casually refer to as an emotionally, well-adjusted child.A new study shows a dramatic drop in the number of young a … [Read more...]

Awesome FREE Parenting Resource


The latest issue of Tender Tidings, the e-magazine for intentional Catholic parents is out!Here are some of the great things you'll find inside:Sleep stories from intentional parents, tips for getting more sleep, the science of safe co-sleeping What can the Holy Family teach us about parenting? Dr. Greg provides tips for getting young children to pay attention during Mass. An authentic (but easy) king cake for the Feast of the Epiphany PLUS MORE!Go here to access the … [Read more...]

Parent Rx: Tantrums and Mass Behavior


My latest ParentRx Q&A Column from the upcoming issue of Tender Tidings.My five-year-old daughter still throws temper tantrums occasionally, which are usually triggered by not getting her way with something that seems rather trivial to us. Sometimes we have no idea what caused the tantrum, and have a hard time getting her to tell us what happened.  What is the best way to help her calm down and talk to us when she is in the midst of screaming, crying, and writhing in a heap on the floor? … [Read more...]

What’s the #1 Thing Stressed Out Kids Need to Feel Better? (Infographic)

H/T Stress BetterTake a look at this revealing infographic based on a survey of almost 1000, 9-13 year-olds about both what stresses them out and what they do to de-stress.  I'll have a few comments below.  To highlight a few points, I thought it was striking that only 22% of kids talk to their parents about their stress but 75% would like to be able to rely on their parents more to help them cope.  In my experience, we parents are too tempted to think "the kids are … [Read more...]