Fix Your Fussy Eater in 3 Easy Steps

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Lisa and I get a lot of calls from listeners to More2Life Radio who are being driven crazy by their little fussy eaters.  It's an emotional issue for parents.  The good news is that when parents can remain calm and supportive over time, most children do more than grow out of it. This latest study offers three, simple practical steps that can give parents a sane guide for dealing with this vexing issue.Introducing the 'three Rs' -- Repetition, Role Modelling and Rewards -- at meal times could … [Read more...]

Catholic Families in Crisis: New Study Finds Catholic Homes Are Spiritually Bankrupt.


The Church teaches that family life is the basic unit of society and that as the family goes, so goes the Church.  If that's true, then we should all buckle our seatbelts, because we're in for a bumpy ride.I am honored to serve on the board of Holy Cross Family Ministries, the organization that carries on the legacy of Servant of God, Fr. Patrick "the family that prays together, stays together" Peyton, CSC. and promotes both family prayer and family well-being throughout the world. HCFM … [Read more...]

Pope Francis on Marriage, “Marital Wounds Hurt Children.”


Pope Francis made some powerful observations about the importance of working to create strong marriages."Dear Brothers and Sisters: We know well that every family on occasion suffers moments when one family member offends another. Through our words, actions, or omissions, instead of expressing love for our spouse or children, we can sometimes diminish or demean that love. Hiding these hurts only deepens such wounds, leading to anger and friction between loved ones. If these wounds are … [Read more...]

Appalling New Sleep Training Technique Say’s “Don’t Feed Your Baby.”

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Two pediatrician brothers claim they have developed a "new" method of getting babies to sleep.  And, incidentally, I put "new" in quotes because their method is scary-similar to the method recommended by Babywise authors Gary and Marie Ezzo which was eventually condemned by the American Academy of Pediatrics because it caused failure to thrive and dehydration in babies.  How many ways can I say that this is a terrible, horrible, no-good parenting idea?  (Click here to read the FoxNews ar … [Read more...]

Mission Possible: 5 Keys to Raising Faithful Kids

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What are your chances of raising faithful kids?  Answer these 5 questions!For the Catholic parent, there is no more important task than communicating our faith to our children. That doesn't just mean teaching our kids Catholic prayers and rituals. It means teaching them how to have a meaningful and personal relationship with God. How to think and act morally. How to love rightly and intimately. How to celebrate and live life as the gift that it is meant to be. And, ultimately, how to be … [Read more...]

The Devil Made Them Do It. Was Charlie Challenge a Movie Marketing Campaign? Does it Matter?


Eonline is reporting the so-called Charlie Challenge was just a viral marketing campaign by Warner Bros to promote a new horror film.A new teaser for Warner Bros. upcoming horror film The Gallows was released right in the thick of the Charlie Charlie brouhaha, and it featured a much creepier version of the game with a much more upsetting outcome than just students shrieking and running from the room.People who are comforted by this news, I would argue, are still missing the point.  A lot … [Read more...]

For Teens, Religious Involvement Prevents Early Sex But Early Sex Kills Religious Involvement

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From The Sexual Health LaboratoryRelatively extensive evidence has established that more religious adolescents tend to delay first sexual intercourse. In a paper that Sara Vasilenko and I published last year, we wanted to examine whether this association, usually assumed to be in this direction (from religiosity to sexual behavior), was actually bidirectional. We used the 100 participants from the University Life Study who transitioned to first intercourse between their first and seven s … [Read more...]

Where’s Charlie? What Catholic Parents Need to Know About “the Charlie Challenge”


It seems to have come out of nowhere and gone viral in an instant.  There is a new "game" sweeping middle schools called "The Charlie Challenge."  Superficially, it seems like a silly, harmless, childish fantasy.  Kids make a grid on a piece of paper that says, "yes/no."  They make an X out of two pencils and attempt to summon an erstwhile demon named "Charlie."  Then they ask him questions which he answers by moving the pencils.  It's rather creepy to watch. (I won't link the videos here becau … [Read more...]