Congrats Homely Guys! You CAN Still Get the Girl! (Just don’t break the rules.)

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Good news for homely guys.  Research examining the first impression men make on women found that attractiveness matters less than socially responsible behavior.  According to PsychCentral...."A new study shows that a woman’s view of a man is influenced by how handsome and law-abiding he is. In other words, women will tolerate an unattractive man up to a point, but will have no problem shunning him if he misbehaves. For the study, researchers tested if and how levels of attractiveness and con … [Read more...]

Your Cheatin’ Heart: This Risk Factor Doubles Chance of Infidelity

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From The Science of Relationships In a recent study of about 300 college students, researchers wanted to find out if individuals are more or less likely to cheat as a function of whether their parents ever knocked boots with someone that wasn’t ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ (while married to mom or dad). Students were asked whether or not they had ever cheated on a romantic partner (30% said yes) as well as whether their mom or dad had ever cheated on their other parent (33% said yes, with dads slightly more l … [Read more...]

Want to Bring the World to Christ? Strengthen Your Marriage!


People seem to think that working on their marriage is somehow self-serving or selfish. But the Theology of the Body reminds us that people aren't converted by words and concept and arguments. They are converted by an encounter with the love the comes from God's own heart--the free, total, faithful fruitful love Catholic couples are called to witness to in their dynamic, passionate, joyful, grace-filled marriage and family lives.  Couples don't have to be perfect, but if they are committed to … [Read more...]

Life Changing Resources. Inspiration from Down Under


Sometimes the Holy Spirit sends a hug just when you need it most.  At the end of a VERY long week, Lisa and I just received this beautiful message from Down Under.  We thought we'd share it with you (after removing any identifying information) in the hopes that others might be inspired by this reader's experience and the resources offered through the Pastoral Solutions Institute.Dear Dr. Greg and Lisa,About eight months ago, I was randomly searching for a quality book online, I had no i … [Read more...]

Is Your Spouse Making YOU Sick?

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Previous research has demonstrated a strong link between marital quality and physical health.  This most recent study examined to what degree a spouse's stress indirectly impact his or her mate's health. Researchers discovered stress and relationship quality have both direct and indirect effects on the cardiovascular system, confirming previous research. They also discovered that it is important to consider the couple as a whole rather than the individual when examining marriage and … [Read more...]

4 Ways Good Relationships Can Save Your Life


Researchers estimate that 40% of Americans feel lonely.  That's remarkable, considering that we're more connected than ever.  Unfortunately, there is some evidence suggesting that the kinds of connections we're seeking are not the kinds of connections we need.  Most of us are actively engaged in some form or another of social media, but researches have recently discovered that the more time a person spends on social media, the more likely it is they will also experience a depressed mood.Pope … [Read more...]

Fight the Power of 50 Shades: Here’s What YOU Can Do!


I am doing a lot of interviews over the next few days about the appeal of the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon and what our Christian response should be.  I find that many people are responding to the wide appeal of the film by being outraged, clucking about how disgusting and shameful it is. I want to say upfront that I agree that the content of 50 Shades is, indeed, disgusting and shameful, but I also want to say that I think that being shocked and outraged is not only insufficient it is,  in fact, … [Read more...]

Tainted Love: Why is 50 Shades of Grey So Popular?

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Note:  The following article deals frankly with sexual topics.  Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that 50 Shades of Grey, a popular soft-core pornographic movie about a timid young woman who is sexually dominated by a billionaire, is being released this coming Valentine's Day.  Based on a popular series of erotic novels, the film is being released both to wide acclaim and wider controversy, especially among those who are repulsed by this glorification of domestic partner vi … [Read more...]