What’s the #1 Thing Stressed Out Kids Need to Feel Better? (Infographic)

H/T Stress BetterTake a look at this revealing infographic based on a survey of almost 1000, 9-13 year-olds about both what stresses them out and what they do to de-stress.  I'll have a few comments below.  To highlight a few points, I thought it was striking that only 22% of kids talk to their parents about their stress but 75% would like to be able to rely on their parents more to help them cope.  In my experience, we parents are too tempted to think "the kids are … [Read more...]

Effective Coping for Emotional Distress


Earlier today I offered some reflections on what people-of-faith need to know about depression.  I promised that I'd offer some additional thoughts on effective coping for emotional distress.Effective coping strategies enable a person to gather their psychological, emotional, spiritual, and relational resources so that they can respond to the problems they are facing.  By contrast, ineffective coping strategies simply allow a person to escape, withdraw, or numb themselves for a time, but w … [Read more...]

What Can the Theology of the Body Teach Us about Managing Stress?

"I'm so busy!"  "There isn't enough time!"  Seemingly universal laments.  Life is filled with opportunities to be stressed and to become even more stressed all the time.In short bursts (of a few minutes or so) stress can be useful.  Stress, when it functions according to its purpose, calls our mind and body to be attentive and responsive to the challenges in front of us.  Ideally, stress ramps us up so that we can make a plan to handle those situations and then the stress should go away.  … [Read more...]

Coming Wed on More2Life–All Stressed Up and No Place to Go (Plus, Win a Free Book! Details below)

Coming Wednesday on More2Life:  All Stressed Out and No Place to Go--We'll explore all the things that stress you out and how to find peace in the chaos!Don't forget to respond to our Facebook Q of the D:  (Two-Fer!  Answer one or both to win!)1.  In the course of your week, what situations tend to stress you out the most?2.  When you get stressed out, what do you do?Call in at 877-573-7825 from Noon-1 Eastern (11-Noon Central) with your questions about stress and how to manage it … [Read more...]

COMING TUES on More2Life Radio–Out of Control

COMING TUES:  Out of Control--Whether we're reacting to the headlines or unpleasant personal news, life is filled with challenges that make us feel anxious, confused, and out-of-control. Today on M2L, we'll look at ways to regain our equil...ibrium as well as our sense of purpose and direction when life takes us off guard.Don't forget to respond to our M2L FB Q of the D:  What kinds of situations (either in your personal life or in the news) are most likely to make you feel like things are ou … [Read more...]

Coming Thurs on More2Life Radio: The Grapes of Wrath

Thurs on More2Life--The Grapes of Wrath: In light of the recent firing of a Rutgers coach for abusive behavior toward his players, we're reflecting on anger. We'll look at those times anger goes too far and how to respond more effectively both to your own anger and the angry outbursts of others. Call in from Noon-1pm Eastern (11-Noon C) at 877-573-7825 and we'll explore more effective ways to deal with anger, and the angry people in your life.Don't forget to answer the More2Life FB Q of the … [Read more...]

Coming Fri on More2Life Radio–God Give Me…Patience(?)

COMING FRIDAY--God Give Me...Patience(?):  Patience (ugh).  We all need it, but very few of us want it.  Today on M2L we'll explore the surprising benefits of patience and some ways to cultivate it painlessly. We can't wait to talk with you (See?  We need patience too!)  Call in from Noon-1pm E (11am-Noon C) at 877-573-7825.Don't forget to answer the M2L FB question of the day:  What situations--or people--in your life are hardest to be patient with?—Listen to More2Life live weekdays from … [Read more...]

40 Days to a Better Marriage Tip–Tues 2/26: Manage Your Transitions

Managing transitions are an important way to prevent stress from negatively affecting relationships.  Without good transitions, it's too easy to let work and family stress spill over into the marriage.  While husbands and wives should be willing to help each other process their stress, that's different from taking out your stress on each other.  Today, think about the transitions in your day (e.g., coming home from work, picking up the kids from school, coming and going from running errands, etc … [Read more...]