4 Ways Good Relationships Can Save Your Life


Researchers estimate that 40% of Americans feel lonely.  That's remarkable, considering that we're more connected than ever.  Unfortunately, there is some evidence suggesting that the kinds of connections we're seeking are not the kinds of connections we need.  Most of us are actively engaged in some form or another of social media, but researches have recently discovered that the more time a person spends on social media, the more likely it is they will also experience a depressed mood.Pope … [Read more...]

Big Announcement #1: You CAN Balance Baby, Marriage, Family, & Your Needs–Here’s How!


We mentioned a few big announcements this week. The first is the launch of my latest book with my wife and co-host of More2Life Radio, Lisa Popcak titled, Then Comes Baby:  The Catholic Guide to Surviving & Thriving in the First 3 Years of Parenthood.  The biggest parenting question we get is, "How can I balance it all?  How can I attend to  baby's needs without losing my mind or my marriage?"    Then Comes Baby:  The Catholic Guide to Surviving & Thriving in the First 3 Years of Pare … [Read more...]

Yes, There IS a Catholic Way to Parent. Here’s Why.


Is there a Catholic way to parent?It really depends upon what you mean by the question.  If you mean, "Is there an approved list of preferred parenting methods the Church requires that we use for child rearing?"  Well then, of course the answer is "certainly not!"But if you mean, "Does our Catholic faith ask parents to have a mindset about parenting that reflects the Church's unique vision of family life and make choices that are mindful of that vision?"  Then the answer is, "u … [Read more...]

“Do You Know His Name?”

"the person is a good toward which the only proper and adequate attitude is love.” -Pope St. John Paul the Greathttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9LGBBWTGgkTake a moment to learn the names of the people who serve you in some way every day. Let them know that they are a person to you. … [Read more...]

“You Are the Average of the 5 People You Spend the Most Time With.”


Yesterday on More2Life Radio, Lisa an I discussed an assertion of a new book, The Power of No Specifically, that "you are an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."I haven't read the whole book, but I was struck by this assertion.  It's really a terrific way of communicating, in simple terms, the Theology of the Body's claim that the human person is communal and relational by nature.  We have a profound impact on the lives of others and others have a profound impact on us.  An … [Read more...]

My Son, Jacob Popcak, In the News


For his presentation at the recent Theology of the Body Congress.Jacob Popcak, a student at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, led a group discussion on "How to Start a TOB Organization on Campus." "People have wounds. We're all dealing with similar hurts. Our culture has done a number on everybody both in and outside of the church. Theology of the body is not a mandate, it's not a get fixed quick solution," Popcak told CNS in an interview afterward. "It's the redeeming grace … [Read more...]

Theology of the Body Congress A Huge Success


Lisa and I just returned from Philadelphia and the Theology of the Body Congress where we presented a seminar on Capturing Your Child's Heart Through the Theology of the Body.  In addition, I participated in a panel discussion on Natural Family Planning and the Theology of the Body and our son, Jacob, led a round-table discussion on Theology of the Body at College:  Promoting TOB on Campus.    The Congress was a tremendous success and our contributions were terrifically well-received.   We're so … [Read more...]

Pope St. John Paul II & Pope St. John XXIlI: Partners in the Universal Call to Holiness

It surprises many people that the Church will be canonizing both Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II this Sunday, April 4/27.  Most of the commentary I've read sees this in political terms. That is to say, the perception by many secular observers seems to be that the Church is throwing a bone to liberals by canonizing their guy while the Church throws a bone to conservatives by canonizing their guy.   I doubt there is much to this political angle, but I think there is a deeper, much more si … [Read more...]