Can We Be Moral Without God P.2.

This post is part two in my Head to Head debate with John Mark Reynolds on whether one can be moral without God.  My position is that one can be moral without believing in God.  John is arguing the opposite.When we were first assigned the question, "Is a deity necessary for morality" I thought about asking the powers-that-be to revise it because my first reaction was, "Well, of course, God is necessary for morality!  God is necessary for everything!"  But I didn't get the sense that's really … [Read more...]

Children Have a Right To a Mother and a Father? What Does That Even MEAN?!?

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 A colleague sent me the following question today."I've heard Pope Francis and others say that children have a right to a mom and dad, but I don't know what that means in the concrete. I wouldn't say, for example, that single parents have a responsibility to search for a spouse, or that the mom in Secondhand Lions was necessarily wrong to have her uncles raise her son. If SSM were ever banned again, should the state be empowered to take children from those households and place … [Read more...]

Catholic Families in Crisis: New Study Finds Catholic Homes Are Spiritually Bankrupt.


The Church teaches that family life is the basic unit of society and that as the family goes, so goes the Church.  If that's true, then we should all buckle our seatbelts, because we're in for a bumpy ride.I am honored to serve on the board of Holy Cross Family Ministries, the organization that carries on the legacy of Servant of God, Fr. Patrick "the family that prays together, stays together" Peyton, CSC. and promotes both family prayer and family well-being throughout the world. HCFM … [Read more...]

How Much Does God Love You? THIS Much! Why the Feast of the Sacred Heart Matters To You Today.


The following reflection on the significance of this Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is an excerpt from my newest book, Broken Gods: Hope, Healing, and the Seven Longings of the Human Heart.God loves you so much! It sounds so trite to say it in such simple words, but it is so infinitely true!  God's love is so deep, so powerful, so profound, it is often simply easier to passively ignore it than try to actively comprehend it.By analogy, on a purely human level, I often feel frustrated … [Read more...]

My Talk with National Review’s Kathryn Lopez on “Broken Gods.”


National Review's Kathryn Lopez recently interviewed me on my most recent book, Broken Gods:  Hope, Healing, and the Seven Longings of the Human Heart.  Take a look!What does God see when He looks at you? That’s a main question Gregory K. Popcak asks and answers in his new book Broken Gods: Hope, Healing, and the Seven Longings of the Human Heart. Popcak, executive director of the Pastoral Solutions Institute, talks below about the book and some of the prospects its raises for a beautiful lif … [Read more...]

“Good Morning NY Times. Did You Have A Nice Coma?” The “Paper of Record” FINALLY Wakes Up to the Myth of Overpopulation

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Better late than never, I suppose...Dr. Ehrlich’s ominous declarations cause head-shaking among some who were once his allies, people who four decades ago shared his fears about overpopulation. One of them is Stewart Brand, founding editor of the Whole Earth Catalog. On this topic, Mr. Brand may be deemed a Keynesian, in the sense of an observation often attributed to John Maynard Keynes: “When the facts change, I change my mind, sir. What do you do?” Mr. Brand’s formulation for Retro Report … [Read more...]

Deliver Them From Evil: Teaching Your Children to Resist the Occult

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Yesterday, I posted an article about what parents needed to know about a new "game" that middle-school children are playing in which they attempt to summon an erstwhile demon named "Charlie" who answers questions about their life and their future.  It is an international phenomenon that has caught the attention of reputable news outlets such as the BBC.  See my previous article here for the backstory.One of the questions that emerges from the story is, "Why are we so fascinated by the o … [Read more...]

From the “This Is a Terrifying Study” Files…

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 Hitmen succeed in contract killing where they successfully bury any feelings or emotions, a study into the psychology of novice assassins has found. Hired killers who consider themselves strategists or businessman, doing 'just a job' as one hitman described it, can convince themselves they are dealing with a target rather than a person, research by a team of criminologists revealed.  Read MoreWow. I'd love to see the Craig's List ad soliciting people for this research project. On … [Read more...]