Ad Contra Providentialists–Natural Family Planning Awareness Week


It's NFP Awareness Week according to the USCCB and several Patheos bloggers are taking a look at the topic.  Simcha is doing a massive give-away contest over at her place.  Tom McDonald has a solid post on the havoc the Pill is wreaking on the environment. Others are taking notice as well.   It is strange to me that with so few people actually practicing it (about 2% of Catholics) NFP Catholics still come under fire from far right providentialists who believe that it is morally suspect to … [Read more...]

The Prodigal Father: Benedict XVI on Fathering


Check out this great post on Catholic fatherhood by Dave McClow.  Dave works for me as a clinical pastoral counseling associate with the Pastoral Solutions Institute's Tele-Counseling Practice. He has some great insights.  I hope you enjoy! The “prodigal father” is the story of our time.  It is the story of fatherlessness in our families.  Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is and has always been highly aware of the crisis of fatherhood and its implications for society (see my previous … [Read more...]


Yes!!! 5-4   Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, & Kagan dissent. … [Read more...]

Baby Got Back


A controversial new Mexican campaign to promote breastfeeding uses topless celebrities and the slogan, "Don't turn your back on your baby.  Give him your breast." City officials were seeking to address the fact that only one in seven mothers in Mexico breast feeds exclusively in the first six months, the standard recommended by the World Health Organization. That is among the lowest levels in Latin America, and health experts say it's a serious problem for a country where millions live in … [Read more...]

Dr. Greg & Lisa Talk Breastfeeding in the NCReproter


We had an interview with the National Catholic Reporter last week for their special parenting and family issue.  Although the whole special issue isn't available online, they very kindly made our article available for Faith on the Couch readers.  It's titled, Breastfeeding in Church? Why Naturally!   It's a great piece.  In addition to Lisa and I, the piece features comments by Couple to Couple League founder, Sheila Kippley. Good stuff!  Check it out! … [Read more...]

The Devil Went Down to Harvard (w/Apologies to Charlie Daniels)


By now, you've probably heard about the organization hosting a Black Mass at Harvard.   My first reaction, of course,  was horror.  I'm still horrified, but as I became more familiar with the story, the absurdity of the situation began to take center stage.  Here you have Lucien Greaves, a "Satanist" who doesn't actually believe in Satan (or the supernatural in general)hosting some sort of self-styled "Black Mass" which he has never done before and, apparently, has no appreciation for the … [Read more...]

A Struggle with Gratitude at the Heart of Materialism, Study Says

shutterstock_131437439 (1)

We tend to pick on materialists for being grasping, shallow people but it turns out that might not be the case.  According to new research from Baylor University, what drives materialism is a struggle to feel grateful for what one has and the belief that happiness is always just around the corner with the next acquisition, the next accomplishment, the next goal achieved.  People who are better at being grateful can still achieve goals, but they can do so from a position of strength.  They … [Read more...]

Help for Those Who Feel Guilty Speaking Up.


  “He who is not angry, whereas he has cause to be, sins.   For unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices, it fosters negligence, and incites not only the wicked but the good to do wrong.” ~St.  John Chrysostom      and my favorite...         "Thoughts seethe all the more when corralled by the violent guard of an indiscreet silence."    Pope St. Gregory the Great. … [Read more...]