40 Days to a Better Marriage Tip-of-the Day for Tues 3/19: Celebrate St. Joseph’s Feast

Today is the feast of St Joseph who, among other things, is the Patron of Workers.  Today celebrate his feast in your marriage by surprising your spouse and doing one of the jobs around the house you usually leave for your spouse.  Change that lightbulb.  Clean up the kitchen.  Bathe the baby.   Give the gift of service to your spouse by doing something you wouldn't usually consider "your job."  It's a great way to both serve each other a little better and understand each other a little better to … [Read more...]

40 Days to a Better Marriage Tip of the Day–Get Marriage-Building Resources

Couples who are marriage masters know that you can't build a great marriage without great tools.  Today, think about the tools you might need to take you marriage to the next level.  Check out the the library or your local bookstore for a great new relationship book (you don't even have to agree with everything the author says.  Its about starting a conversation!), reserve your spot on a Marriage Encounter Weekend, check out the cool resources at ForYourMarriage.org.  Do something today that hel … [Read more...]

40 Days to a Better Marriage Tip of the Day, Wed 3/13: Remember Your Spouse!

We are busy with so many things.  Too often, we lack what psychologists call,  "object permanence."  We walk out the door and our loved ones "disappear."  We forget our spouse and kids (and they forget us) until we see each other again later that evening, but sometimes we are still to distracted to really connect.  Today, remember your spouse while you are apart.  Do something thoughtful to reach across the chasm.    Pick up some flowers.  Write a little note.  Do that thoughtful task that would … [Read more...]

40 Days to a Better Marriage Tip of the Day, Tuesday 3/12: Make a Decision to Love

We've all heard that love is a decision.  Today put that notion into practice.  Imagine the day ahead and the time you will spend with your spouse.  Identify two things that you can do all on your own (i.e., don't require your spouse's cooperation or input) that would set the tone for a more loving day.  Will you give her the TV remote?  Make him a nicer-than-usual dinner? Do the dishes without being asked?  Wear that outfit he likes?  Be more patient with those mildly annoying habits?  How will … [Read more...]

40 Day to A Better Marriage, Monday 3/11: 4 Steps to Becoming a Mindful Spouse

A good marriage is a mindful marriage.  Today, I'm encouraging you to do something small to cultivate a spirit of mindfulness  in your marriage.  Step one?  Read this Faith on the Couch post on what mindfulness is and how it can be a blessing to you life. Step Two:  Think about the way you react to your spouse.  Choose one of those less pleasant reactions and ask yourself how you would like to respond instead.  Assume that you would feel just as irritated, annoyed, or frustrated as ever, but … [Read more...]

40 Days to a Better Marriage Tip of the Day: Thurs 3/7–Share a Laugh!

Life can get a bit tiresome.  The busy-ness and responsibility can wear anyone out.  Today, fight back against the drudgery by making a plan to laugh together.  Watch a funny movie, go to a comedy club, challenge each other to find the funniest joke-of-the-day (for a bonus, the one with the funniest joke wins a backrub)!Celebrate the virtue of joy.  Help each other laugh at the craziness of life and discover yet another way you are God's gifts to one another. ——For the next 40 da … [Read more...]

40 Days to a Better Marriage Tip–Wed 3/6: Be a Little Heroic

Chances are, your spouse has asked you to do something for him or her that you'd rather not do.  I'm not referring to anything objectively immoral or personally demeaning, but rather,  those things that just "aren't you."  Perhaps your spouse has asked you to be more affectionate, or prayerful, or conversational, or sexual.  Perhaps your spouse has asked you to join in his or her hobby or another activity that is really important to him or her. In any case, it's probably something you've said, "n … [Read more...]

40 Days to a Better Marriage Tip–Fri 2/22: That Extra, Thoughtful Thing…

 40 Days to a Better Marriage Tip-- Fri 2/22:  That Extra, Thoughtful Thing--What is that thing your spouse really enjoys but you resist doing because it's just not "your thing?"  Go ahead and do that thing today (or make a plan with your spouse, today, to do it soon).  A little generosity goes a long way toward making your marriage everything it could be. ------For the next 40 days, M2L will offer a tip-a-day for improving your marriage. For more help creating an exceptional mar … [Read more...]