“What’s that? Post-Abortion Syndrome May Exist…? Nevermind.”

This month, many secular psychologists are having an Emily Litella moment.Prevailing professional "wisdom" on the link between abortion and subsequent psychological problems is that there is none.   The official position of the American Psychological Association is, "Nothing to see here, folks, let's all just move along shall we?"Well, things are not quite as clear cut as the APA might like you to believe.  First, in 2008, a 30 year longitudinal study of 500 women found that post … [Read more...]

Why Doesn’t the Catholic Church Just Get with the Times?

Contraception, abortion, women's ordination, gay marriage.  These represent just a few of the issues the Church is regularly criticized for being on the "wrong side" of.So, why can't the Church change?Today's episode of More2Life Radio was titled, "Stand Your Ground."  We looked at the challenge of knowing when we need to draw a line in the sand and when we need to be more flexible.  Part of that discussion involved an interview with Bishop Jeffrey Montforton of Steubenville (former rect … [Read more...]

How do you make a man disappear?

Put him on trial for capital murder.The way reporters are handling the case of Kermit Gosnell (by not handling it at all)  is a travesty even considering the travesty that constitutes journalism today.  I'm used to the Liberal Ministers of Truthiness(TM) downplaying the March for Life or other Pro-life stories.  I've even largely come to accept that is just the way it is. But THIS?  This is an unconscionable conspiracy of silence.  We're talking about a man who was responsible for "aborting"  … [Read more...]

Reason #693,942,340,394,798 Humanae Vitae Was Right

Behold what the "Pro-Choice" movement has wrought.SURROGATE OFFERED $10,000 TO ABORT BABY       (Proving once and for all that The Handmaid's Tale was not a Christian dystopia, but a feminist one.)  … [Read more...]

You Seeng Sexy Moosic. Vee Mek BAYbees, Da? (or, And Now We’ve [truly] Come, to the End of the Road…)

So, if you were the president of Russia and your people were not having enough  children to support your social infrastructure, what would you do?A). Enact legislation and initiate a public information campaign designed to curtail the scandalous abortion rates affecting your country.B). Hire Boyz II Men to reprise their greatest romantic hits in the hopes of indirectly increasing  fertility rates.If you guessed B then (God help us) you'd be absolutely right. … [Read more...]