Parent Success Tip: 2 Steps to Drug Free Kids

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Parenting is a tough job.  Every parent wants to raise successful, healthy kids but there are so many challenges.  And now, as states begin legalizing marijuana, our children are faced with even more pressures that make staying drug-free, alcohol-free, and tobacco-free harder.The good news is that new research shows that two simple parenting strategies can help you raise kids who are much more likely to stay clean and sober.1.  Don't Play Favorites.The study showed that kids who felt … [Read more...]

Long Term Help for Those in Recovery

Recovering from addictions is a painful process.  It isn't unusual for a serious addict to have to go through a treatment program 3 or more times before they can maintain sobriety.  One of the biggest challenges of recovery is changing your life and your social network after you get out of treatment.  If the addict keeps the same friends or stays in the same environment post recovery as he or she did before seeking help, there are just too many temptations.Comunita Cenacolo (Community of the … [Read more...]