Reclaim the Calm: 5 Hints for Healing an Angry Heart

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No one likes to be angry, but we all do become angry from time to time--and we all have to contend with the anger of others fairly regularly.  Christians have a difficult relationship with anger.  Intellectually, we know that anger is a natural part of the human experience; it is an emotion like any other.  But we also know that anger can be sinful.Lisa Hendey has a terrific post about an angry week she's having and the poor fruit that struggle with anger is bearing in her life.  She asks for … [Read more...]

Father Forgive Me, For I Am Angry: Further Reflections on “The Furious Mysteries”

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It seems like anger is the topic of the day.  Earlier, my wife and I were discussing the Christian response to anger on More2Life Radio.  Shortly after I got off the air, I came across an article titled, The Furious Mysteries  in which America's Fr. James Martin reflects on what we are to make of Jesus' displays of anger in Scripture.It's a terrific question.  What does Jesus' anger teach us about how we should manage ours?Anger, Wrath & the Divine Longing for JusticeMany people t … [Read more...]

Helping Your Kids Deal with Anger

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Parents often struggle to deal effectively with their children's anger.  We either tend to respond by coddling them when they tantrum or shutting them down.  Of course, neither response is effective and both responses tend to produce angrier more impulsive kids.Of course, an important part of raising moral, loving, faithful kids is teaching our children to manage all of their emotional reactions in more godly, appropriate ways.  In Parenting with Grace and Then Comes Baby, we offer a ton of s … [Read more...]

Anger vs. Wrath: What’s the Difference?

Anger is a common enough emotion.  Everyone gets angry from time to time, and anger, when used prudently as a normal part of the human experience, can be understood as the gift from God that allows us to recognize and respond when we feel we have witnessed--or been the victim of--an injustice.  If our anger motivates us to seek solutions, address injustices in a productive way, and heal the damage that has been done to a relationship, then that anger can be both righteous and healthy.  Righteous … [Read more...]

Coming Thurs on More2Life Radio: The Grapes of Wrath

Thurs on More2Life--The Grapes of Wrath: In light of the recent firing of a Rutgers coach for abusive behavior toward his players, we're reflecting on anger. We'll look at those times anger goes too far and how to respond more effectively both to your own anger and the angry outbursts of others. Call in from Noon-1pm Eastern (11-Noon C) at 877-573-7825 and we'll explore more effective ways to deal with anger, and the angry people in your life.Don't forget to answer the More2Life FB Q of the … [Read more...]

Newsflash: Yelling isn’t Communicating.

I talk to a lot of people who have a hard time with their temper but excuse it by saying that they are just being honest about their feelings.I think it's important to remember that your emotions are God's gift to you, and not the people around you. When you are angry about something, that's the Holy Spirit's way of prompting you to look at a  potential  injustice.  Having been prompted, your job is to pray about whether the injustice is something in your environment, or if it has something m … [Read more...]

Coming Tues on More2Life Radio: When Feelings Attack!

Coming Tues on M2L: When Feelings Attack!-- Our emotions are a natural part of us and therefore a gift from the Lord, but when our feelings of anger, anxiety, sadness, and frustration run away with us (as they often do) emotions easily become the gift we'd like to return.  Today on M2L, we'll talk about developing a healthy attitude toward our emotions and what it takes to control your feelings instead of letting them control you.Don't forget to answer our M2L Facebook Q of the D:  (A T … [Read more...]