Ignorance is…Just Plain Ignorance (Or, Why Catholics Need to Stop Promoting Scientology’s Stigmas About Mental Health)

Earlier today, I posted a video that offered a cautionary view of medication.  The point of the video was that while medication can sometimes be helpful, it can also be problematic if it used to mask other relationship or personal problems that are actually causing the depression. In these cases, medication can actually keep a person depressed longer because the person may experience just enough relief to lose the motivation to solve their underlying problems.  They may get better, but never be w … [Read more...]

What Dose of Antidepressant Do You Need to Tolerate a Miserable Marriage?

Antidepressants can be an important part of treatment, but people forget that there are many causes of depression.   If a depression is caused largely by relationship problems, for example, an antidepressant may not work, or may even cause more serious problems as the person is lulled into the position of accepting destructive relationships as "normal."  This two minute video offers an important illustration of both the benefits and limitations of meds.For information on Catholic-integrated c … [Read more...]