Can Celibacy Be Healthy?

With the conclave and election of the new Pope, celibacy was front and center in the news.  Will it change?  What's it all about?  Can it be healthy?Why is it so hard for the world to "get" what Catholics are trying to say through the witness of celibacy.  Dr. Wanda Poltawska of the Pontifical Academy of Krakow argues that the world struggles with the possibility of a healthy celibacy because for the lay person, celibacy is usually imposed but for the priest or religious, celibacy is chos … [Read more...]

Celibacy. Just Saying, “No” to Sex?

Catholics are getting lots of questions about celibacy these days.  Fr. Dwight Longnecker has a great piece on his experience as a married RC priest.Here is a piece I wrote on the significance of celibacy in reaction to an interview Piers Morgan did with the Dalai Lama.  The original CNN headline, since changed, was Dalai Lama Interview:  Women Alluring?  "Yes"  My response was titled, From CNN:  This Just In.  The Dalai Lama Has a Penis.   Enjoy.----------------I confess I fin … [Read more...]