“To Forgive My Father” Children of Divorce and the Parable of the Prodigal Son


Frank Weathers has a tremendously powerful post on his blog about how he came to forgive his father for the affair that ended his parents' marriage when he was five years old.  It is a truly inspirational story of the power of grace and the fruit of forgiveness.In reading Frank's reflection, I was reminded of Elizabeth Marquardt's important research on the spiritual lives of children of divorce.  One aspect of that research is that she found that adult children of divorce often have a very di … [Read more...]



Beverly and Jim are newly engaged.  Even though they are very much in love, they have big concerns.    As Jim explains it,  “Neither of us had the best models for marriage.  My dad was an alcoholic and Beverly’s parents are divorced.  How can we know what it takes to stay together?”Their question got me thinking.  Is it possible to boil down the keys to a successful marriage into some basic rules of thumb?  Unfortunately, marriage isn’t quite that simple, but there are some do’s and don’t tha … [Read more...]

“Dear Dr. Greg, Don’t be a bigot.” Letter from a Child of a Gay Father.


The other day, I received an email from a young woman who read my post titled, Gay Marriage: Getting the Conversation Right.  Her parents divorced when her dad came out and she wanted me to know that they were all in a good place with it--and why couldn't I be?  I have removed any identifying details, but I thought I would share our exchange as a way of illustrating the real challenge at the heart of gay marriage and why standing for traditional marriage is not anti-gay, but rather, pr … [Read more...]