How Big SHOULD Your Family Be?

How do you know how big your family should be?  How do you know what Godwants?  Discerning family size is one of the most common concerns expressed by both listeners to my radio program and clients in my counseling practice.A lot of people use the phrase “responsible parenthood” but few understand the practical implications of the concept. It’s a phrase that’s found in the catechism as well as most of the Church’s documents on marriage and family life from Humanae Vitae to Familiaris Consorti … [Read more...]

Wed 4/3 on More2Life Radio: It’s A Baby Bonanza!

 Today on More2Life Radio it's a Baby Bonanza!  As we celebrate the gift of new life at Easter, we'll look at the joys and challenges of bringing new life into your world.  We'll look at sleep issues, post-baby marriage maintenance, mommy care, and every other issue related to welcoming a little one to the family.Don't forget to respond to our More2Life FB Q of the D:  (Two-fer.  Answer one or both).  As a new parent (or when you were a new parent)...  1)  When do/did you feel closes … [Read more...]